Why You Absolutely Need To Know if Your House Has Water Damage

Cost of basement waterproofing

Although the end of the summer season isn’t usually characterized by heavy rainfalls, many regions in the U.S. have experienced unusually heavy rains in the past few weeks. From the east coast to the west, homeowners are reporting unusually high levels of storm damage and necessary water damage cleanup. And this doesn’t just affect residents who aren’t paying attention — even homeowners who prepare for storm damage can find their basements flooded, especially if they live in flood prone areas. So what should be done about it?

Unfortunately, (or…fortunately?) we aren’t able to control the weather (…yet). And even if a region hasn’t been designated a “flood risk area,” there’s always the possibility of having prolonged rain storms, like so many that have occurred this summer, which can really take a toll on your house and yard. Like with many problems, the best thing to do about water damage is to take preventative and proactive measures, like installing a basement waterproofing system, to make sure the water stays out before it even starts raining.

But if you’ve already had a waterproofing system installed and still struggle with water damage, it’s important to remember that cleaning up water damage is incredibly important. If you let it go untreated, water can weaken the walls of your house, leading to internal structural failure. There’s also the inevitable mold growths that occur in damp, dark places (like inside walls) — not only is this pretty gross, but allowing mold to grow in your home can cause serious health problems for anyone — human or animal — who lives in the building. These types of molds have been linked to respiratory problems, like asthma, and they can trigger serious allergic reactions and skin irritations. Even if you can’t see the old growing, it can still be extremely harmful to you and your loved ones.

Just remember: if you weren’t able to control the water before it got in, the most important next step to take is to get your house dried out and to call in some professionals who can take care of things like dangerous mold growths. When it comes to water damage in your home, it’s not just about dealing with a funny smell or having to replace valuable items — it’s also about making sure that you and your family are safe. See this link for more references.

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