Making the Best of Your Loft Living Situation

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So you’ve finally got a new job in a big city and you’ve set to move in less than two months. City living is fun, but it can be stressful to initially find a place to call home. Living in a loft can provide you with a great living space, as long as you plan on living by yourself or a significant other. It would also be best to rent the space instead of buy it — you never know what might happen a year from now!

Advantages of Loft Apartments for Rent:

  • As a renter, you will save an average of $560 every month just for choosing to not purchase a home, think about how many more coffees (or cocktails) you could buy.
  • Renting from a professional management company means you have 24/7 access to an on-site maintenance professional, especially if you’re looking into luxury rentals.
  • Living in a loft that you’ve rented means you won’t be responsible for maintenance issues such as lawn maintenance and snow removal. Also, water and heat included? Yes please.

Living in a loft isn’t exactly luxury living in terms of massive amounts of space, but it does have its perks. Here’s how to make the best of living in a loft:

  1. Choose a cohesive color scheme that will end up pulling the room together. By choosing just three or four colors, you will help the room look less cluttered.
  2. Sticking with one type of furniture style. For example, if you’re into shabby chic, stick with distressed-looking furniture throughout the entire room.
  3. Maximize you use of lighting fixtures by installing lights at different heights. Low-hanging lights can create a more intimate feel in one area, while ceiling or pod lights can make another area feel bigger.
  4. Make separate sections or rooms with the use of area rugs. However, be sure to stick with your color scheme. Instead, choose various patterns with the same colors.
  5. Designate an entire wall for storage purposes. Lofts usually have little to no storage space, but by installing floating shelves or cabinets you will be able to create a bit more space for kitchenware, books, DVDs, etc.
  6. Use a room divider, such as an open-backed bookcase, to section off different spaces if you aren’t fond of the area rug idea. This will actually create more privacy if you don’t want guests to see your bed too easily.
  7. Add casters to anything and everything. Do you have a tiny island? A stand-alone bookshelf? Put casters on these so you have easily move them if you have guests over to create more space.
  8. Install a loft bed because, after all, you are living in what’s called a loft. Having your bed raised halfway up the wall can really add precious communal living space to your pad. Think about all the extra furniture you could add.
  9. Once you’ve settled into your new abode, play around with the details of your loft — feel free to move furniture and other decorations around until you feel completely satisfied. More can be found here:

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