Canada Water Damage Statistics, Facts and Prevention

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Water damage has become an increasingly serious problem for Canadian homeowners. About two out of five residential insurance claims are linked to unwelcome moisture, and insured losses exceed $1 billion per year. Water can easily destroy building materials, carpeting, electronics or other valuable items. Canadians may mitigate this risk with the help of cracked foundation repair and waterproofing interior basement walls.

Moisture ruins belongings and building components in several different ways. Prolonged exposure often causes corrosion, rust or mildew. Water might also mix with harmful chemicals and spread them throughout the flooded area. Another problem with indoor leaks is that they frequently lead to mold growth. This may trigger respiratory ailments and eye irritation, according to Health Canada.

Unwanted moisture can come from many sources. Heavy rain, sewer failures, gutter clogs, cracked concrete and plumbing problems contribute to this kind of damage. The number of severe storms continues to rise in multiple provinces, according to the Globe and Mail. More people are also putting bedrooms and other living areas in their basements.

The cellar is definitely the most vulnerable portion of a house. If your basement leaks when it rains, you’re certainly not alone. Home maintenance experts have estimated that nine out of 10 basements eventually suffer some type of water damage. In an unfinished cellar, excess moisture may harm laundry appliances, heating systems or floor paint. Finished basements usually cost far more to repair. They contain rugs, furniture and electronics that water can destroy.

Cellars are prone to moisture damage for at least three reasons. Because they’re below ground level, cracks in the concrete walls easily allow water to seep into the building. A basement may also experience flooding when sinks leak or toilets overflow on the first floor. Sewage backups affect cellars more frequently as well, according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

There are plenty of ways to prevent or reduce water damage. Cracked foundation repair or a French drain system can stop water from leaking through basement walls. To keep washers, dryers and heating equipment above any minor floods, homeowners can place them on concrete blocks. It’s also vital to remove excess snow from the roof and push it away from a house’s foundation. Good references here.

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