What You Should Know About Sump Pumps

If you live in a home or business located in a low-lying area, you’ve likely heard of sump pumps. These pumps remove water from the ground by pumping it out of a container and away from the building.

Sump pumps work by pumping water that has seeped into your basement and sending it back outside. If you live in an area that’s particularly prone to flooding, this tool will be invaluable.

Can you add a sump pump to a basement? As long as the space is large enough to fit the pump and there is no obstruction blocking access to the water table, you can add a sump pump to an existing basement. The cost of adding a sump pump will vary based on the type of pump you choose and how much work needs to be done to install it. It would be best to explore your options to get the exact cost to put a sump pump in your home.

Some pumps have a floatless sump pump switch that prevents them from being damaged when there is no water available for pumping. This means they are less likely to break down than other pumps.

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To protect your home from flooding, it is critical to have a system that drains the water properly. If you don’t have exterior or interior basement waterproofing, rainwater can leak into cracks in the foundation, causing flooding, which could lead to water damage.

One of your best lines of defense will be a basement sump pump. A sump pump is an electrical device that is installed in most basements to help collect and push out any water that enters a home. The pump is installed within a basin, and once the water reaches a certain level below the ground, it kick-starts the pump.

There are different kinds of basement sump pumps, and they each perform the same function using slightly different mechanisms. An automatic sump pump is one that has a switch wired to the pump that triggers its operation. With a manual pump, a homeowner can turn the pump on whenever there is a possibility of flooding. This could potentially save money on energy costs as well, as sump pumps are electrical devices.

Another kind of pump is a switch type that senses the water level. Pressure switches are usually built into the interior of a pump, and they are protected from any debris or dirt that the basin collects, which could be a more ideal pump. Conversely, float switches are connected to the outside of a pump, usually to an electrical cable. While this makes them prone to tangling, these switches allow homeowners to adjust the settings for water levels.

Battery backup sump pumps are also common in most households. Because most sump pumps run on electricity, if the power goes out during a rainstorm, the chances of flooding increase. A battery-powered sump pump comes with a water sensor that will gauge when to start working, and push the excess water out of the basement.

For any homeowner, a sump pump is a crucial part of avoiding costly water damage repair. So, on top of waterproofing exterior basement walls, be sure that your sump pump is in tip top shape. See this link for more references: www.aquatechwaterproofing.ca

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