Top Countertop Trends of 2014

Starting a home improvement business

Did you know that home remodeling accounts for $47 billion worth of revenue in the U.S.? That means that thousands of people contact home remodeling businesses, kitchen renovation contractors, and home restoration franchises to up the visual appeal of their home.

One of the most popular areas of the house to renovate is the kitchen, because it is considered the heart of any home. Kitchens get the most wear out of any room, and for this reason, the counters suffer from normal wear and tear over time. You kids have likely spilled dozens of drinks, scraped the surface with their utensils, and stained it with spaghetti sauce at least a handful of times.

So you may want to consider changing your countertops, which in itself, can alter the look of your entire kitchen.

Here are some of the hottest countertop trends you can consider.

  • Glass. If you have younger children, this may not be an ideal option, but glass countertops of will go with any kitchen. These countertops can be extremely versatile because they don’t detract from your kitchen’s interior design. So, you can have any color cabinets, walls, or appliances, and a glass countertop will simply reflect your finishings.
  • Concrete. When you think of concrete, your mind probably goes to the slabs you see on the sidewalk or a front porch. But this is not a true representation of how multi-faceted concrete can be. Any design can be added to the concrete as it is formed, and some of the most common features customers choose include various colored chips of made from different materials. Concrete countertops are also fairly heavy duty, making them more durable.
  • Soapstone. This could be the sleekest type of countertop to replace your old countertops with. The texture of the countertop is exceptionally smooth, and gives the entire kitchen a polished, buffed look. Because they usually come in black, and darker colors, soapstone countertops can match any kitchen decor. They are also considered stain resistant, heat resistant, and are easy to maintain.

So if you don’t want to spend thousands on re-making your entire kitchen, consider working with a kitchen renovation contractor to just switch out your countertops. This will give you the updated look you want, and also keep your kitchen functional for your entire family. More research here.

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