Five Fascinating Pieces of Information About Terrazzo Tile

Terrazzo marble supply

Terrazzo floors are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners everywhere due to their attractive aesthetics and affordability. Made from marble chips embedded in cement, a terrazzo floor or surface is a great alternative to marble for those looking to stay within their budget.

But do you really know as much as you think you do about your terrazzo countertop or floor?

To find out, take a look at these five interesting things you probably didn’t know about your terrazzo floor:

1. Terrazzo has been around since prehistoric times: Archaeologists discovered evidence of the very first terrazzo tiles at a Neolithic settlement in eastern Turkey. Terrazzo’s real start, however, began when Venetian workers discovered a way to turn marble scraps from other projects into a flooring surface.

. Terrazzo is nearly impenetrable: Because terrazzo tile is both highly dense and sealed with a resin coating during the final steps of its manufacture, it’s almost impossible for moisture to permeate a terrazzo floor. Household spills are no match for a terrazzo surface, and can simply be wiped away with a cloth.

3. Terrazzo is great for high-traffic areas: Terrazzo’s density and durability make it one of the best options for areas that receive high levels of foot traffic like kitchens and entryways. Many retail stores choose terrazzo floors as well because they have been proven to resist wear and tear better than pretty much any flooring surface on the market.

4. Terrazzo looks great: Today’s terrazzo manufacturers can create a terrazzo surface of virtually any color and style, meaning everyone can enjoy terrazzo regardless of their interior color or design scheme.

5. Terrazzo can last a lifetime: With minimal maintenance and upkeep, a terrazzo surface can be enjoyed for an average of 75 years. The only cleaning a terrazzo surface needs is regular sweeping and mopping. Choosing a terrazzo floor is a near-guarantee that you will be able to enjoy its benefits for decades.

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