Three Tips on Remodeling Your Bathroom

All home remodelers need to know what they’re doing when they begin a project. Whether they’re doing a single room or they want a better bath and kitchen, a renovation takes a lot of time and resources. Plan everything out ahead of time. Know what your budget is and how you plan to get things done. For guaranteed results, you can hire a remodeling company to do the work for you. It might cost more money than trying to do it yourself, but it’ll ensure that everything is done correctly the first time. Plus, you’re likely to get better results from a professional.

You also need to know your budget before you spend any money. Otherwise, you might run out partway through the project. Then you’ll either have to spend money you don’t have in order to complete it, or you’ll need to leave your renovations partway done for a while. Either way, you won’t get the results you wanted. However, planning ahead will help you avoid surprises like this. Make sure you do your calculations multiple times before you begin.

If your house is more than a decade old, you may want to consider doing some upgrades. The kitchen probably has scuff marks on the floor, scratches on the countertops, and stains in the sink. This is because it is the area of a home that receives the highest amount of traffic.

But don’t forget about your bathroom. From showering, to using the toilet, to brushing, it is probably the second most used room in the house, and there could also be significant wear to the counters, flooring, and tub.

So remodeling either one of these rooms would be a good idea. If you do decide to invest in bathroom remodeling contractors, here are a few of the latest bathroom remodeling trends you can follow.

  • Double Sink. An older home may only have one sink in the bathroom, and this can be inconvenient if you are sharing your bathroom with anyone, like a spouse. By installing double sinks, you will have more room for your stuff and it will also make your bathroom appear larger, and significantly more sophisticated.
  • More Windows. Studies from the U.S. Energy Information Administration show that at least half of the average U.S. home’s energy bill is consumed by heating and cooling costs. You could help reduce your bill by adding in more windows, as the sunshine can help heat up the room during the winter. If you are worried about the summer heat, you could also install blinds on the windows.
  • Glass Shower. Studies show that shower curtains are out, and glass, frame-less shower doors are in, especially for master bathrooms. The clear panels for showers often offer a more chic look, and can fit into any bathroom. The glass can be fitted with designs or left plain, depending on your taste.

You can also go through bathroom flooring ideas if you want, and also different vanities for bathrooms. The cost to remodel a bathroom is often less than that of a kitchen, but you will still have to fork out a good chunk of money. But for most people, the money is worth the results.
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