More Than Just Aliens 5 Fun Facts About New Mexico

Luxury living in the southwest

New Mexico’s moniker, “The Land of Enchantment,” gives it an almost mysterious aura that makes it more of a destination for a weekend trip rather than a place to set up a comfortable life. However, if you are thinking about relocating or specifically looking for homes that provide luxury living in the Southwest, then New Mexico is a great choice. It offers much more than many Americans realize. The following list of facts about the state provides plenty of evidence for that.

  • New Mexico’s wine industry is the oldest in the United States. Though the common perception might be that California holds that title, Spanish settlers started making wine in New Mexico roughly a full century before it was ever made in California. So if you’re a wine enthusiast, Santa Fe luxury homes for sale could provide the perfect setting.
  • Of course, wine isn’t the only thing to drink in New Mexico. It is also home to some of the best beers in the region. Surprisingly, it is brewed by Benedictine Monks. The Abbey Beverage Company is located some 65 miles outside of Santa Fe, but is well worth the trip. But don’t plan on driving home, because the Tripel Ale packs a 9.2% ABV punch.
  • The 2000 Presidential Election might be most remembered for the close contest in Florida and the recounts, but New Mexico’s voters were even tighter. Al Gore won the state by just 366 votes.
  • One of the perks of luxury living in the Southwest is that Christmas isn’t reserved just for December 25 or even July. You can order enchiladas or burritos that are red, green, or “Christmas” with a mix of both any day of the year.
  • There are plenty of government and private research facilities in New Mexico, which means there are more PhDs there than in any other state in the U.S. So Santa Fe luxury real estate might be perfect for brainiacs looking for a challenging new career.

New Mexico often gets overlooked by individuals looking to relocate, and many might not think of much more than Roswell when they hear about it. However, the state has a number of unique features that make it not just a fun place to visit, but a great place to invest in a new home and begin the next chapter of your life. Get more here: Land for sale in santa fe nm

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