Here Are Three Reasons Why Your Should Choose a Wrought Iron Fence Over A Wooden One

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When you are landscaping your yard and making sure your house looks great from the road, there are many choices that you might have about what added features you want. One of these is the decision about what type of fencing you might want. You might contact a custom fence company which will give you the choice between a wood fence and decorative wrought iron fencing. The custom fence company will be able to tell you that wrought iron fence styles are in. Here are three reasons why wrought iron fences and gates are right for your yard.

1. Wrought iron fences require little maintenance after the custom fence company installs them. All they require is the occasional cleaning with soap and water. The maintenance for wrought iron fences is less than that of wooden fences that require painting and staining every year. You can also prevent rusting on your wrought iron fencing by using the same wax that you would use on the exterior of your car. While wooden fences will last a long time, this is usually only if they are maintained properly.

2. While chain link fences date back to 1844 and might be sort of out of style, wrought iron fences offer a timeless look. This look is in style now and not likely to go out of style anytime soon. They offer a classic looking, Victorian type vibe that is added to your lawn and landscaping when you hire a custom fence company to install one. While the cost of building a fence made of wrought iron is higher, that timeless quality is worth the price.

3. Because you are ordering from a custom fence company, the wrought iron fence you are ordering can be made any which way you please. You can go from very plain to any fancy or ornate style that you wish. This allows you to put a personalized spin on your yard’s fence. It adds a really nice touch that is hard to duplicate. Hire a custom fence company to ive you more information about wrought iron fencing. More research here.

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