Three Great Plants to Grow Outside of Your Business

Large clay planters

Did you know that studies have show that greenery and flowers will make a business stand out and attract consumers towards a business or store in urban areas? Whether you use large commercial planters or resin outdoor planters, a city planter outside your business will make your store look healthy, lively and vibrant.

The real question isn’t whether you should have flowers and plants outside your storefront, but what kind of greenery do you want to grow in resin outdoor planters? Here are some great suggestions to fill those resin outdoor planters!


Bamboo is great because it’s the fastest growing wood plant in the entire world, possibly sprouting 35 inches in a single day. It’s a simple, and very rewarding plant that’s also very cost effective.

Moon Flowers.

If your store is open at times later than the typical office hours, then moon flowers make an excellent possibility. Moon flowers bloom nocturnally, and begin to close as the sun rises. They have a heavy, fresh fragrance, and unfold quickly.


Yuccas are currently one of the most trendy plants to grow in your resin outdoor planters. These are great for busy businesses because not only are their exotic looks attractive, but because they’re so low-maintenance. In fact, they’re sometimes called the “no water plant.”

Resin outdoor planters allow protection fro plants while they’re blooming and growing, as well as provide a visually pleasing presentation of the fauna. If you have any questions about these suggest plants to grow outside of your business, or if you have any additional tips, feel free to leave them in the comments.

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