Can You Afford Workers’ Compensation? Buy These Tools Instead

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Did you know that, according to the Bureau Labor of Statistics (BLS), 905,700 workers sustained injuries serious enough to require at least some time off work? Maximizing worker productivity and profits depends on keeping employees safe and healthy. Employers can drastically reduce occupational injuries and illnesses using the following straightforward fixtures and tools.

Swivel Casters and Leveling Feet

According to the BLS, repetitive strain injuries constitute a quarter of all missed work injuries. Improper lifting and overuse also result in a considerable number of strains, sprains, and tears (340,900 in 2012 to be exact!). Employers can promote occupational and worker safety by avoiding manual lifting whenever possible. Swivel casters, for example, can be used to efficiently transport heavy parts and equipment. Most of these wheeled mechanisms work by using a simple wheel attached to a fork. Swivel casters allow wheels to rotate 360 degrees, making them easy to navigate around tight corners.

Leveling feet, likewise, are available with or without wheels. Wheeled, or swivel, leveling feet provide the same convenience of quickly and easily moving heavy objects. Leveling feet can use pins or threads to allow workers to adjust the height of machinery and equipment on a flat or uneven surface.

Rubber Grommets and Industrial Handles

Electricity and its associated risks (fire and electrocution, to name a few) also threaten workers well-being and safety. Simple fixtures, such as rubber grommets, keep wiring organized and intact, and promote worker safety. Rubber grommets may be circular or oblong, and workers can feed various cords, cables, and wires through these fixtures to redirect them away from jagged metal pieces or sharp corners and edges. Some grommets may be especially sturdy, and withstand the high temperatures and pressures often associated with manufacturing. Industrial handles, likewise, can help workers precisely and safely adjust or lift machinery, without coming into contact with potentially harmful wires and circuits.

Promoting worker safety, and keeping your employees healthy enough to work, can start with small, simple tools. Swivel casters, leveling feet, and industrial handles drastically reduce the likelihood of common repetitive strain or accidental injuries.

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