Uh Oh! AC Problems?

Heating and ac repair

Heating and air conditioning systems are essential for homes in every part of the country. It is currently estimated that 89% of America’s central air systems are installed in single family homes and that 65% of homes in the west use programmable thermostats. Though many in the west are taking advantage of solar energy because of their long lifespans (30-40 years) and proximity (the solar plant in the Mojave Desert produces 90% of the world’s commercial solar power), they are by no means in the majority. Traditional methods are still being used to heat and cool homes.

Any homeowner with central air knows the pain of having a system failure. Though home AC repair is fairly easy to come by in warmer climates, having to call an air conditioning repair service is nobody’s favorite experience. Here, we’ll look at some troubleshooting methods for home AC repair that will let you know when it’s time to call an air conditioner service.

If the condenser doesn’t run…

First, check for blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers. If the circuit doesn’t need restoration, try lowering the thermostat setting by five degrees to determine if the thermostat was simply set too high. If neither of those fixes seem to work, the motor or compressor could be faulty. Call a 24 hour AC repair service for advice and assistance.

If you’re experiencing uneven cooling…

Your distribution system is most likely out of balance. Balance the system before calling a 24 hour AC repair specialist.

If your home is not being cooled enough…

There are a few possibilities. Start by lowering the thermostat by five degrees to see if the thermostat is set too high. If that doesn’t help, clean the evaporator. If neither of those efforts produce a change, your unit is probably too small. You’ll need a larger unit, and only a 24 hour AC repair professional can do that.

If your home is not being cooled at all…

Again, start by lowering your thermostat setting by five degrees. Next, clean the condenser coil and fins and, if necessary, straighten the fins. If that doesn’t seem effective, remove any debris blocking the condenser, including tall grass, weeds, and vines. Next, try cleaning the evaporator. If none of those solutions are effective, you either have a faulty compressor or are low on refrigerant. Call a professional for help.

If your condenser keeps turning on and off…

Your condenser may be dirty or blocked. Clean it and then remove any debris blocking it, like weeds, grass, or vines. If that seems ineffectual, clean the evaporator.

There’s no shame in calling on the help of a 24 hour AC repair company if you aren’t comfortable making repairs yourself. It’s helpful to those specialists if you can call after having already eliminated a few possible causes, and helpful to your wallet if you can solve minor issues on your own. Take a look around and be informed before making the call. Read more blogs like this.

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