Furniture, Furnishings, and Interesting Facts about Them!

Early american furniture styles

Furniture is a pretty expensive investment, so many people look around for furniture buying tips, but it’s not so easy to just find a list that tells you what to look for when buying furniture. There are different types of furniture styles, such as early American furniture stles or traditional furniture styles … People have different eyes for different pieces that they like for different reasons, so there is no universal guide to buying furniture, which is what can make it very difficult.

However, furniture buying tips aside, here are some interesting facts about furniture that you might want to know about!

  • The word “couch” is most widely used in Australia, North American, and New Zealand, while the United Kingdom and Ireland tend to use the term “sofa”.
  • Furniture on average is the third most expensive item, or collection of items, that a person will purchase, following a car and a house.
  • In the 1950s fiberglass and plastic started to become increasingly more popular materials to construct furniture from.
  • During the Middle Ages, only those of the highest rank such as noblemen had chairs in their personal manors. Everyone else had benches and stools to sit on.
  • The Ancient Egyptians used very high bedsteads, and they were ascended by steps, which were decorated by curtains that surrounded them, as well as pillows and bolsters.

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