Assistance for Your Corporate Move

Cost of relocation

After death and divorce, moving is considered the third most stressful thing a person can be involved in. Each year, 35.6 percent of 20 to 24 year olds relocate, and so do 30.7 percent of 25 to 29 years olds. Oftentimes, people relocate for work. Many companies, especially larger companies with offices in different cities, offer corporate relocation packages for new or transferring employees.

Many companies hire corporate relocation specialists. A corporate relocation specialist works with the employer and the employee to help make arrangements for the move. One of the biggest responsibilities of a corporate relocation specialist is, of course, finding a home for the employee in the city or area that they will be moving to. Other job duties include researching the school districts, local services and other information about the neighborhood.

Corporate relocation specialists, as well as other moving experts, recommend carefully labeling items when you are packing for a move. Extra care should be taken to label things when packing and moving a home office, so that everything needed can be found quickly and easily at the new home. Going room by room, packing one room at a time, and labeling items that belong together can help keep you organized and make the huge job of moving seem more manageable. Helpful research also found here.

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