Three Steps to Finding Your Perfect Walk in Tub

Tub with a door

If you believe a bathtub with a door on it should be only for seniors, think again. Walk in tubs are making a bold statement in the bathroom renovation market these days, with more and more people opting for a walk in tub instead of the traditional shower and tub unit for their newly redesigned bathrooms. They are installed quickly, last for years and help even the youngest of people better plan for aging in place.

Due to their popularity, many makers of walk in tubs are springing up. This is saturating the market, which is good for business but not always for customers simply because of the extra work involved in selecting a walk in tub. Luckily, you can look for these three things to set you on a path toward a great tub that will make bath time more fun for you and for your entire family.

First, verify the validity of each and every manufacturer of walk in tubs with whom you communicate. A remodeler or company that makes tubs but that does not necessarily specialize in walk in options cannot offer you the best value. Only a specialist or manufacturer of walk in solutions will benefit you here. The various options will be broader, and the knowledge supplied by the operators of these enterprises will be more helpful.

Second, read up on all manufacturers and suppliers of walk in tubs. A search for the company and tub model should net you reviews. If you do not see these reviews toward the top of your search result, keep scrolling down. Or type the word reviews in with your tub search. Reviews are of particular importance because they alert you to any malfunctioning elements of tubs or features that are not desirable for other users. Whereas a company’s website will feature every benefit of a tub, a review will point out where the tub falls short. Use reviews to simplify your options.

Third, get a specialist to visit your home to take measurements and talk with you about the possibilities for your bathroom. Not all walk in tubs are built the same, nor do they all have the same measurements. A company representative should inspect every corner of your bathroom to gauge which tub will fit in the space best, taking into consideration the costs that are within your price range and the features you desire in a tub.

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