3 Uses For a Request To Exit Button

If you’re looking to make access control and exiting a building or area easier, a request to exit button can go a long way. Should a user need a door to be unlocked, they can simply press the button and go. In the long run, this can improve convenience, strengthen security, and otherwise provide benefits.

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Request to exit buttons can be very useful for people who suffer from movement impairment and similar issues. For example, someone may lack motor control due to some sort of disease or injury. This could make it difficult to open door handles, unlock mortise cylinder locks, and other security measures. With an exit button, they can simply press the button, which is much easier than twisting and turning a lock or fumbling with keys.

Exit buttons could also be useful if people are carrying large loads. For example, employees may need to carry boxes outside regularly. By setting up an exit button, you can make it easier for them to get out while carrying loads. This can improve productivity and offer other benefits.

When equipped with a camera, an exit button can provide great security. The person controlling the button can look to see who is making a request and whether they should be allowed to leave. A school might set up buttons and then prevent young students from opening exits and wandering off, for example. All of this makes things easier.

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