How to Install Quarter Round Laminate Flooring

Before hiring a flooring installer, you should watch a detailed guide on accurately measuring, cutting, and installing quarter round molding for various corner types, ensuring a professional finish. The video highlights the importance of specific cutting angles for outside and inside corners. Outside corners, influenced by the presence of metal in the wall, require a 46-degree angle cut, while inside corners demand a 44-degree angle cut for a snug fit against the wall.

Practical demonstrations accompany each explanation, enhancing viewer understanding. Material considerations are emphasized, recommending real wood or PVC for areas susceptible to water exposure, and providing valuable insights for durable installations.

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Additional tips include using putty for invisible quarter round installations, particularly when painting, and sealing edges for water resistance. These techniques contribute to achieving a polished and seamless appearance.

While you should look towards hiring a professional for the installation process, you should understand the process before calling them to install. Quarter round laminate flooring isn’t an easy process. You should be following through essential steps for precise quarter round laminate flooring installation while offering valuable insights into material choices and finishing techniques.

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