Is your automatic garage door difficult to open and close? In this video, you will learn how to use a garage door safety release cord. It’s a perfect solution for a simple automatic garage door repair. It is especially helpful to release an automatic door after power failure or if you want to leave the garage but the garage door is not opening.

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Most garage doors have a chain drive, and some have a belt drive that helps them close and open. This garage door safety release cord works with either of these types of door drives. Belt-driven garage door openers move your door with a belt rather than a chain.

To disengage the automatic garage door to open, you just pull it down. The door’s drive will roll and allow the garage door to be lifted manually. This creates an emergency exit if needed.
If you want to close the automatic garage door, use this repair safety release cord again. Just pull back the cord at a straight angle. A good pull will engage the doors that lock the drive. You can try to pull on your garage to see if it’ll move or not. For better understanding, watch the video several times.

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