How This Roofing Company Is Taking On Solar

Roof companies are starting to catch up with the power of solar. Instead of having solar panels installed separate from a roof, there are roof companies, that are using some products to make solar a part of the roof.

This video addresses some of the problems that have plagued the solar shingle market since its inception. However, there is a lot of hope that these integrated solar roofs will become more common and more functional over the next few years.

Video Source

The video compares Tesla’s solar roofing failures and GAF shingle’s successes in this market.

GAF has had their solar shingles on over 3000 roofs successfully. GAF is hopeful that the easy to install solar shingles will take off. One of the clear benefits that solar shingles have to offer is that roofers can install them. You would not have to pay for separate solar panel installation and a new roof.

This video from CNBC address some of the possible pitfalls of installing these type of solar shingles including the cost. This is a very interesting watch that brings a lot of truths about solar roofing materials. Watch now.


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