Concrete Resurfacing – Skimcoat Overlay Application

If you are thinking about renovating your home and wanting to change your floor design, there can be various ways to do so. It can be thru acid staining or simply adding decorative tiles or saw cuttings. But, what if your concrete is not in great shape for treating or re-designing? Well, there is something you can do and that is concrete resurfacing.

Concrete resurfacing is done by adding another concrete coat on top of the existing concrete using special bonding agents mixed in with thin cement. In simple terms, concrete resurfacing is making old concrete look new again.

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It may sound simple enough, but it actually requires precision and proper training to do it right. If not carefully done, the concrete coat placed will not bring a good result. It is a crucial part of renovation and one that needs detailed attention and care.

Skim coating your concrete is another way to resurface it. This technique can be done in interior floors, garage floors, floors around pools, or basically any kind of floor. It is a versatile technique where you can use various kinds of skim concrete coats. You may try this with your own home by watching this video that shares a detailed guide on how to apply a skim coat overlay on concrete.

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