Essential Tips for Choosing a Patio Door

Once upon a time, all patio doors slid open. Now, patio doors come in French doors, regular hinged swing doors, bifold doors, as well as sliding doors. Since there are so many kinds, how do you choose which one is right for you? Your New House YouTube channel breaks it all down for you.

If energy loss is a concern, then hinged patio doors offer more advantages than sliding doors. Weatherstripping can be easily installed on the door’s edges to prevent air from infiltrating the rest of the house.

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Any patio door should have double-paned glass in its windows, as this makes the door more energy efficient because argon gas is inserted between the two panes. The gas acts as insulation. Look for patio doors for sale with an Energy Star.

If there is a lot of furniture in front of the patio door, then there might not be enough room for a swinging door to open. Sliding doors are best in this situation. They come in more energy-efficient and easy-to-maintain materials than traditional aluminum, such as vinyl, fiberglass, and wood. Wood can also come coated, which makes it as easy to clean as fiberglass or vinyl.

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