Buying a First Time Home Tips For Iowans

The process of buying your first home is no easy feat. A lot of planning and logistics go into place to ensure that your move is smooth and seamless. The real estate industry is a tough cookie to crack, especially if you are not conversant with the ins and outs. Do not fret! Below, you will get to equip yourself with adequate buying a first time home tips.

Start Saving Early

Buying a new home is not cheap. Therefore, elaborate measures should be in place to ensure that you are adequately prepared to buy a home. The most important component of these measures is saving up for the new home as early as possible. Buying and moving to a new home is a costly venture, which includes the down payment you need to make for your new home, which is dependent on the type of mortgage you get. In addition, closing costs incurred when you are trying to finalize your mortgage range between 2% and 5% of the total amount of the loan. You will also need to have some cash set aside for the sole purpose of catering for the moving in expenses. Some of the costs you will incur once you have already purchased the home include kitchen and bath remodeling service, home inspections fee, home maintenance and repairs, and, finally, the cost of furnishing your new home. That’s why one of the important buying a first time home tips is to start saving up early.


Before you buy your first home, you need to assess how much you are willing to comfortably part with without breaking the bank and getting into too much debt. Ideally, you first need to identify a home that provides you with a lot of functionality, convenience and most important of all, one that is affordable. Once you determine how much you can afford to pay for your first home, factor in the dependability of your stream of income as well as the existing and recurring monthly expenses you incur.

Moreover, you can use the multiple home mortgage calculators that are available online that are extremely handy as the calculator will help you determine how much you can afford to part with for your new home. While determining the affordability, you should keep in mind that insurance for the new home, repair costs, utilities, landscaping and ac replacement also conform to the expenses.

Home Inspection

Home inspection tops the buying a first time home tips list. Therefore, once you identify the home you want to buy and determine that you can afford it comfortably, you should seek the services of a professional and experienced home inspector. The home inspector will help you determine whether buying the home is a plausible investment and determine if you are getting your money’s worth. In some instances, you might find yourself spending an arm and a leg to cover the cost of the repairs. Some real estate companies provide home inspection services as part of the after-sales services. However, it is advisable to get your home inspector as the report by the home inspector from the real estate company may be biased to influence you to go ahead with the home purchase. Your home inspector should conduct a thorough inspection of the house to ensure that everything is in check. The inspection report gives you a bargaining chip for further negotiations with the real estate agent. The cost of the home reduces significantly, if you have to contract the services of the local roofer, plumber, and electricians that help restore your new home.


Furthermore, it is obvious that every homeowner envisions and dreams of owning a particular home tailored to meet their specifications and needs. However, it is almost impossible to get one that will satisfy all your needs. Something important on your buying a first time home tips list is to keep in mind that would be best if you were realistic while looking for a home. It would help if you settled for a home that covers most of the necessities you require in a home. Some of the features you need in the home can be incorporated into your home over time through DIY and remodelling projects. For instance, you can install a custom metal garage door to enhance your home’s safety and aesthetic appeal. With the ever-emerging trends in design and the construction industry, it is important to keep an open mind and settle on the most aesthetically pleasing house, providing salient features and, most important of all, an affordable one. The home remodeling industry has experienced robust growth over the years; you will affect the changes and tailor your home however you deem fit. This allows you to transform any home into a haven and sanctuary as you have always envisioned it.

Work on Your Credit Score

Your credit score has a major implication on your ability to buy your first home, especially if you do not have the cash to pay for the new home upfront. While trying to buy your first home, you may miss some deals because the seller is reluctant to negotiate on the price. In addition, a credit score determines the approval of loans and how much interest you pay back. A bad credit score may also deter you from securing a loan that will help you get your first home. Improving your credit score is the most important of buying a first time home tips as it helps you save a lot of money. Steps to improve your credit score include paying debts promptly and ensuring that your credit card balances are always under 20% of the available balance. It is also important to retain all your accounts, as it provides lenders with a clear account and history of your financial cabilities, which enhances your credibility. Ultimately, it also enhances your credit score.

Use a Reputable and Skilled Realtor

You might be hesitant to seek and use the services of a realtor because of the cost implications and how it affects the final price of your first new home. This is because of the commission they receive from the sale of the home. However, it is important to note that the commission is paid by the property seller, not the buyer. It is also important to note that the listing buyer is only out for the best interest of the seller. The agent is in it to benefit himself as he will most likely get a commission from both sides. This is why it is important to contact an experienced professional realtor that is at your disposal and has your best interests at heart. A realtor is an elaborate component when it comes to price negotiations for navigation of home inspections.

Frequent the New Neighborhood

Moreover, you need to ensure that you visit your new home site as often as possible during different times of the day. This will come in handy, as it will give you a feel of the surrounding neighborhood. You do not want to make a lifetime investment and commitment in an area that will compromise your safety and sanity. Comfort should be at the top of your buying a first time home tips list.

Furthermore, you can go around the neighborhood to check how convenient your new home is in terms of proximity to social amenities like parks, convenient stores, hospitals, schools, amongst others. You can also try to interact with neighbors to get some insight into the state of security in the area and service provision for utilities.

It is quite unfortunate and unsettling when you buy your first home hurriedly without conducting due diligence. Imagine being subjected and welcomed to your new home after a hard and busy day at work with loud music or bickering neighbors always fighting. It is also important to understand the policies that govern the area. For example, you might be looking to make further developments and improvements on your new property, but it is restricted because of controlled development. All these should be considered before making any transactions.

Book for Movers in Advance

Moreover, booking movers in advance will ensure that you get a smooth and seamless transition to your newly acquired home, making it rank on this buying a first time home tips list. After making the down payment for your new house, you should immediately seek the services of professional movers. Professional movers will handle your items with care, preventing loss of property along the way or damage. However, it would be best if you gave them a heads up on important matters. For instance, if there is no lift and you live on the topmost floor and have any furniture that needs to be disassembled during the move. The movers should also get a brief description of the items in your house; this will allow them to make adequate preparations for the moving day and ensure that they get a moving truck that can accommodate all your items.

Consult Professionals

Involvement and consultation of professionals is an important part of buying first time home tips. For instance, a conveyancing solicitor takes up dealing with all legal matters and paperwork revolving around the new property acquisition. A removals company also guarantees you the safety of your property, especially during the moving day. You should also ensure that an independent and experienced surveyor inspects and surveys the entire property. It is safer not to leave anything to chance or by trusting the mortgage valuation conducted. The surveyor will also help you establish clear and distinctive boundaries that indicate the start and end of your new property. This goes a long way in ensuring no dispute between you and your neighbors over property boundaries.

You may also go the extra mile by involving an experienced gardener that will make sure that your lawn is well attended to and enhancing the growth of plants and flowers in your backyard through soil stabilizing.

Keep Tabs on Offers

Monitoring any offers made on the house you intend to purchase is an important component of buying a first time home tips. This will also help you determine the average cost of the house. A realtor will also help you get credible details concerning the same. Popular houses will have a lot of people giving offers. At times, demand outweighs supply. Investors in the real estate industry often offer cash up front, making it extremely difficult for individuals to counter the offers. This may negatively affect your plans of purchasing a house. Therefore, one should have a couple of houses in mind just if the one you want is not available.


Convenience is an important component of buying a first time home tips. When buying the new home, you should ensure that it does not disrupt your schedule or that of your loved ones. This means that you should be able to get to your place of work, school or any other place that you frequent a lot with ease. The price of a home is usually affected by its location. The closer it is to the shopping centre, the more costly it is to acquire. It should also provide you with an enabling environment that will allow you to leave and arrive as you please, without any second thoughts or fear because of high crime rates. It does not make sense to buy a home that is quite a long distance from your place of work and other social amenities; you will spend a lot of money and time on the road. Moreover, it will deprive you of many benefits. For instance, the accessibility to residential oil delivery, amongst other perks.

Due diligence tops the buying a first time home tips list; you should take your time and ensure that you are getting what you bargained for. Try also to remember to seek the expert opinion of professionals in the various construction fields to inspect your new home before going ahead to make a down payment. For instance, a septic company will help you maintain and repair your sewerage system. It will also maintain the environment because of the reduced rate of pollution.

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