Decorate your garage doors as CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!!!

This year, we could all use a little a extra Christmas cheer. Christmas lights and exterior dandeacute;cor is one of the most fun parts of the season. But, to wow your neighbors and stand out from all the other lights displays on the block, you are going to need to get creative. This video shows a creative and fun way to decorate your garage doors as CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! Best of all, the idea is budget-friendly and easy to accomplish in just a few hours. We also love that all the supplies are easy to obtain. Plus, you can reuse and upcycle some things you probably already have cluttering up your garage or closets, which makes this an eco-friendly Christmas decoration.

Of course, in order for this idea to work, you will need a working electric garage door. If you are stuck using a manual garage door, or if your electric garage door is on the fritz, now is the time to look into garage door installation services.

The video starts off with a list of supplies you will need, so there’s no guess work in what goes into recreating this idea on your own garage door. Too often, the worst part of videos showcasing decorating ideas is hitting pause every few seconds try to see what supplies are being utilized. But not this time! The handy list in the first few seconds of the video lets you gather everything you need.

The highlight of this dandeacute;cor idea is the giant gold bows on the garage door “presents.” They are just the right amount of over-the-top and really transform the garage doors into something you would find wrapped under the tree on Christmas morning. But, admittedly, those giant bows left us a little perplexed at first glance. It almost looks like they would prevent you from opening and closing the garage doors, which would make the garage unusable during some of the worst weather of the year. Not being able to utilize the garage doors would make this idea a no-go for us. But, the creator was way ahead on this. They designed a surprisingly simple method of attaching the bows using hanging and pulling strings of fishing line. The result is a bow that hovers in front of the garage door when it is lowered and then raises out of the way when the garage door is opened.

The best way to learn how to recreate this idea for your home is to watch the video. But, in short, you will use plastic party table cloths to cover each section of the garage door. Then, create ribbons by reusing foam packing sheets. You know you have some of those around from all the online shopping you have done recently. Then form the giant bows from more packing sheets. Finally, add a gift tag by writing on the back of a plastic yard sign or poster board. We think the perfect final touch would be to address the “To” line of the gift tag to guests you will have visiting your home for the holidays, or to postal and delivery drivers you bring packages up to your house on a near daily basis.

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