Charity Brings Housing To Those In Need

For those who have developmental disabilities or other types of physical and mental impairments, it can be challenging to afford the level of care that they need while being able to live as independently as possible. Often their conditions place undue burdens and financial hardships upon their families, and they may frequently end up living in nursing homes or institutions with architectural stone walls.

However, an organization called New Visions Toronto has stepped in and is providing disabled individuals in Canada an opportunity to be able to live independently with the assistance of professionals, as they have done for two brothers who suffer from cerebral palsy. New Vision also provides supportive employment to the disabled, which gives them a sense of productivity and the ability to earn some of their own money.

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The organization currently cares for over fifty disabled individuals in the Toronto area by providing housing, care, and support.

New Visions currently manages a total of fifteen apartments in Toronto and offers a home-like environment to their residents, while being supportive of their independence and integration into the community. However, despite some assistance from the government, the organization continues to largely depend upon donations. Currently, over seventeen thousand families in The Providence of Ontario are waiting for their disabled loved ones to be able to have the opportunity to reside in a supportive independent living home.

It is very important for people with disabilities to be able to have a sense of purpose and to not isolate. While there are many recreational activities and much support available to disabled individuals in Ontario through the Ontario Disability Support Program and the Developmental Services of Ontario, there remains a huge need for an increase in supportive independent living programs for the disabled.

For a person with a disability, it means a lot to have a place that they can call home that actually resembles a home and not an institution. Families of disabled individuals are equally grateful to programs like New Vision as they are provided with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their loved one is not only being well-cared for but is also happy as well.

Currently, it costs New Vision $75,000 just to continue providing their current level of care and they dream of being able to expand their services in order to provide supportive independent living to others who need it throughout the Providence of Ontario. If it is in your heart to donate to this amazing cause, you can do so at


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