How to Transform Your Homes Interior on a Budget

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Why you need a complete kitchen renovation

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In 2018, homeowners spent between $5,000 and $10,000 to spruce up their homes. There comes a time when like most proud homeowners, your interior no longer inspires you. Designs that were once trendy can quickly become plain and mundane.

But there are ways you can spruce up your home without breaking the bank. You can make some minor adjustments to transform your interior and bring out its beauty. Here are a few tips for updates you can make.

Replace Kitchen and Bathroom Hardware

Your kitchen may have a fresh coat of paint and fancy appliances. But if the handles and doorknobs are worn out, your home may look old and dated. Replacing the hardware is a simple process that does not require a significant budget, yet it can dramatically enhance the space’s aesthetics.

When you want to replace the hardware, consider fittings of different finishes to complement your interior. You can choose between old-fashioned brushed bronze knobs or stainless steel, which is suitable for a modern home.

Other types of hardware include copper and brushed nickel. There is no rule written in stone on what works best for your home. You can always experiment to find out what works best for your preferred style.

spruce up your home

For your kitchen, consider cabinet refacing, which is a more affordable option than a replacement. Refacing involves removing the veneer and hardware to replace it with new ones. However, whether your cabinets are suitable for refacing will depend on the condition of the underlying wood.

Make Changes to Your Wall

There are ways to spruce up your home by making changes to your wall. But it all depends on your style and personality. You can create a statement wall or galleries of photos as a way to give your home a new look at a minimal cost.

You can have one color for all your walls, but your interior may appear monotonous after a while. One way you can break the monotony is to have an accent wall. The accent ought to be on the side that is furthest from the room’s source of light. You can use two or three hues to get the correct aesthetics to avoid adding abstract patterns.

Using wallpaper is another creative way to spruce up your home’s wall. You can apply wallpaper on only one side to create an accent. The most prevalent wallpaper designs today are anything that includes plants and nature. Consider using removable papers so that you can make changes where necessary.

You can also spruce up your home using stencils. With stencils, you can quickly create eye-catching colorful patterns on a plain-color wall.

Another way you can elicit visual interest is by adding decorative shelves. Not only do they enhance the aesthetics of the room, but they can also provide a neat space for storage. You can display family photos and your collection of books, instead of stashing them away in a hidden cabinet.

Consider Updating with a New Rug

You can spruce up your home with rugs to make it cozy and warm. They can also help to define a room. You can create the illusion of space and movement by changing the orientation of the rugs.

spruce up your home

You can also use them creatively to demarcate sections of the interior. You can opt for one with conspicuous colors and patterns to mark play areas and other areas of your home. Rugs may be useful when you need to turn an outdoor space into a room.

A white-colored rug can brighten a dark interior that has limited lighting. It reflects light from the floor, making a small room appear more spacious than it is. Oriental rugs are an ideal choice if you want a unique and cozy look.

Update Your Windows

One of the simplest ways to spruce up your home is to make some adjustments to your windows. Sometimes all you need is a new curtain rod or decorative trimming. You can make a considerable transformation by changing the color or adding some flowers.

Flowers in a pot are probably the most inexpensive idea you can use to spruce up your interior. Flowers can bring a sense of calmness to the room, making it comfy and elegant. You can add a flowerbox on the inside or outside of the window. If you are a green thumb, you will enjoy tending to the plants during your free time.

For plain colored doors and windows, a stencil can create a dramatic effect. They range from small patterns that only cover a window section to large enough for your garage door. You can use stencils to make eye-catching accents or to decorate the frame.

Another way to spruce up your home’s windows is by changing the color. A different color can create a head-turning contrast, whether you use it on a window or one of the doors. Bright hues can elicit positive emotions as you enter the room.

You may also consider window trimmings to create a focal point and a fresh look for your home’s interior. If you opt for garage door financing, you can have a new design without breaking your budget.

Replace or Update the Lighting

spruce up your home

Lighting can make or ruin the interior design of any room. You can add various lighting fixtures to the bathroom, living room, or bedroom, depending on your taste. They include mirror bulbs, switch lights, and plug-in lamps.

Different types of lamps can create the desired mood in any room. Dimmers can balance illumination between daylight and artificial lighting. Pendant lights could transform the aesthetics for an elegant and romantic interior.

Sometimes all you need is to change the lampshades rather than the fixture. Lighting can be expensive, and personalizing your lampshade is a more affordable option that is a great way to add your unique style.

Cleaning and Painting

Sometimes you need to spruce up your home without making any messy overhauls. You may be living in a rented house, or you may want to renovate your home for the short-term. There are many ways to enhance the interior by cleaning, reorganizing, and some repainting. While at it, you can take the opportunity to organize termite removal before winter approaches.

A clean interior improves indoor air quality and boosts our mood. There are some cleanup tasks you can do to transform your home.

Cleaning Fittings in Your Kitchen

Instead of taking private money loans to replace flooring or cabinetry, you can transform the kitchen with some deep cleaning. A busy kitchen can accumulate a lot of grime and dirt on its faucets, appliances, and lighting fixtures.

Use a degreaser to wipe the faucets and other parts of the room that are often in contact with food. When the fixtures are clean and sparkling, they can make the kitchen look fresh and modern. Remember to wipe the top of refrigerators and countertops.

Your kitchen will appear dated if there are stains on walls and fittings. You ought to determine if your walls need cleaning or spot-washing. You can use a mop to remove dust from the ceiling.

As you clean the cabinets and faucets, pay attention to signs of wear and tear. You can replace water fixtures if their coating is old or peeling off. If the hardware is worn out, check for leakages and organize for plumbing repair. Blockages can generate foul odor, which may take away the appeal of your kitchen.

You can update the kitchen with cabinet refacing or repainting. Repainting is more affordable than changing the facing. But ought to be careful not to repaint the hardware. It is also advisable to use acrylic paint, which is easier to clean and has a more consistent finish.

Cleaning and Reorganizing the Bedroom

The bedroom ought to be a tranquil space where we retire at the end of the day. But it is easy for your bedroom to become cluttered with countless items from around your home. For some people, it is an office, reading room, as well as the room for sleeping.

spruce up your home

One way you can reorganize the bedroom is by improvising storage spaces. Boxes, hangers, laundry baskets, and shoe racks are necessary to keep the room from becoming untidy.

Sort out old copies of magazines and newspapers and place them in a trash can. You can put all items that are out of place in one box. After you’ve cleared the bedroom of clutter, you can start organizing specific places to store your belongings.

You can also spruce up your home by refreshing the beddings. New bedcovers can make your bedroom cozier and modern. You can add an oriental rug or paintings to complement the new look. Also, make a point of cleaning your carpet in autumn, as the cold season begins.

For the children’s room, feel free to play around with patterns and bright colors. Teenagers and adults may prefer soft tones and a minimalist modern interior. Seniors under home health care or aging in place programs may want a familiar and functional design. Always make a point of consulting others before making significant changes to any aspects of the bedroom.

Keeping the Bathroom Spotless

It can be challenging to keep your bathroom spotless throughout the day. But with a few modifications, you can spruce up your home and ensure it is always sparkling clean.

You can always replace your faucets with ones with a finish that is resistant to water spots and fingerprints. You may opt for materials such as brushed nickel, bronze, and stainless steel. You can add a protective coating like Clarvista to reduce stains on the shower glass.

Another essential change for the bathroom is to install a wall-mounted toilet. It leaves some space around its base making the bathroom feel roomier. It also simplifies the task of cleaning the floor around the seat. You can consult plumbers, and septic system installers can provide suitable options for a modern home.

Sprucing Up the Living Room

The living room is an all-purpose space, where we chat, relax, and recline for some entertainment. If you’re trying to spruce up your home on a budget, it can be complicated to decide where to start. However, some simple changes can improve the atmosphere of the room and make it modern and cozy.

You can start by changing the room’s layout before making other significant adjustments to spruce up your home. Move your furniture to create some space between the couch and the wall. By first rearranging the room, you can get a sense of the updates your living room needs.

The simplest way to spruce up your home is by adding some artwork. There are many different types of art pieces you can add depending on your tastes. If you want to incorporate some texture to your interior, consider fabric wall hangings.

Creating a photo gallery may be what your living room needs to give it a pop. It could be one large framed portrait or a series of small photographs. House plants can also inject color and life to a living room space.

Like most rooms, your living room needs some functional storage space to reduce clutter. Clean up your cushion covers and vacuum your upholstery. Wiping surfaces can remove stains that may be diminishing the elegance of the interior.

After rearrangement or renovations, a cleanup is necessary to ensure your home is not stuffy afterward. You may also want to ensure your air conditioner is functional and efficient. HVAC repair and maintenance may be necessary to boost your indoor air quality.

spruce up your home

You can fix parts of your AC, such as changing the filter or repairing a clogged drain line. However, you require professional expertise to troubleshoot and replace parts, like oval duct fittings and the refrigerant.


You can make many small yet significant adjustments when you are looking to spruce up your home. Before you begin renovating, organize your finances, consult a debt elimination lawyer, and have a clear budget. Initial planning can limit unnecessary changes that could raise your expenses during the process.

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