Duct Leaks Or Poor Energy Conservation Habits? Getting To The Root Of Your High Energy Bills

Heating and cooling remains one of the biggest issues for American homeowners.

How many times have you had to put your next home renovation on hold to make up for an abnormally high energy bill? Are you tired of constantly shifting your spending habits around to accommodate air conditioning? It’s a new year with new possibilities…maybe calling an HVAC service is just what you need to set the stage for the future. Saving energy isn’t a lofty promise, but a viable solution when you get a professional on the case. Greensboro AC services are familiar with many hidden issues that drain HVAC systems, able to bring your home up to speed with just one check-up.

Let’s take a look at the top five reasons homeowners are spending too much on heating and cooling.

Your HVAC Unit Is Just Getting Too Old

Here’s one of the most obvious issues right off the bat…your HVAC system is too old and just unable to keep up with modern demands. HVAC units last between 10 to 12 years, though it’s recommended by most heating and cooling professionals you look for a replacement once you hit the decade mark. That’s because new models are constantly being brought into the market, all with fancy new features and green energy requirements. While a new HVAC system can seem like a lot of money now, the money it’ll save you in the long run will more than make up for it. Low energy bills are a boon for everybody involved!

Your HVAC Wasn’t Properly Installed

Another issue that can cause your bills to spike is an improperly installed HVAC system. While not the most common problem, it’s still a big enough problem to warrant mentioning. Knowing whether or not your air conditioning system is up to snuff means getting it checked regularly. According to studies by the Department Of Energy, nearly 45% of the average energy bill goes straight to heating. Imagine how much more money you could save and put toward that new home renovation or new sofa!

You Have A Duct Leak

A hidden problem that won’t be detected without an HVAC service is a duct leak. This can seriously drain your system and put you in a constant position of catch-up. Where improper equipment installation can decrease your heating and cooling efficiency by 30%, duct leaks can drain your power by 20% to even 40%. If you suspect your bills are too high, call heating repair services as soon as possible. Even if they don’t find a duct leak, you can bet they’ll find additional issues that are costing you your hard-earned money.

Your Filters Haven’t Been Swapped

When’s the last time you swapped out your filters with an HVAC service? Your HVAC doesn’t just change the temperature of your home, but filters out your air and keeps you healthy. Everything from dust to pollen to dirt is trapped in air conditioning filters…and these can grow seriously filthy from neglect. It’s recommended you swap out your filters every three months at the very least, even if you don’t turn on your system very often. Failing to do so will put too much strain on your system and keep you from reaping the benefits of low energy bills.

You Need More Energy Saving Habits

Perhaps your HVAC system is a newer model and you’ve been doing a good job of getting it inspected once or twice a year on the dot. Maybe you just need new energy saving habits! A programmable thermostat is one of today’s best ways of keeping energy bills low, particularly if you leave the house for long periods of time. Turning one on can save you up to 10% a month on heating and cooling costs. Combine this by keeping your windows shut and checking your doors for drafts?

You’ll have a winning combination. When in doubt, call an HVAC service and ask for some energy saving tips. You won’t regret it!

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