Maintain your garden hose for years and years

Whether you have a green thumb and enjoy gardening or just need a hose around to water the grass there are certain ways to maintain your hose for years of use. Heavy duty hoses are great for many different uses and last longer then medium strength or basic hoses. You can buy hoses in many different lengths depending on what you need it for and can get attachments to extend your hose if need be. The best thing you can do to make your hose last a long time is maintain it and take good care of it through all seasons throughout the year.

If you are finished watering for the season and preparing for winter make sure to drain all of the water before storing your garden hose. If the hose freezes while being stored during winter it can cause it to expand and crack open creating a hole in the hose. This type of hole can be repaired if it is a small one you can get an attachment that will fix it. You simply cut the hose where it is torn open until you have two straight cut ends. You then attach the rings to each end of the hose and connect them fixing the hole.

Try to find a decent garden hose holder for safe storage of your hose. There are many different kinds of hose holders you can purchase for your yard. You can get ones that hide the whole hose in a decorative box or just a large hook on a wall that keeps it safe. Storing your hose in one of these great holders will ensure it doesn’t get ran over and popped by kids, lawnmowers, or chewed up by your dog or rats.

When watering your lawn or garden in the spring always be sure to turn off the hose when your done because the pressure can create the hose to burst. This is also an issue if you kink your hose, the built up pressure will destroy your garden hose. If you are using a spray nozzle or spinkler make sure to check the psi burst level to ensure it is over 350 psi. This won’t be as easy to wreck unlike other hoses with less of a burst level.

If you want to keep your hose for years to come just follow these simple steps and invest in a decent hose. Take good care of it and it will last.

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