As Easy As One, Two, Three Why You Should Consider Starting Your Own Plant Nursery

If you’ve always considered gardening a great activity, you should consider starting your own plant nursery. There are several benefits, and it could become a side hustle that earns you some extra cash each month. You just need to understand how to do it correctly, and where to get the right plants. You can begin by searching for Japanese maple trees for sale.

You can also research any plant nursery Rockwall to find out how they do things, so you can take inspiration. However, it’s important not to be overly ambitious in the beginning or you’ll get overwhelmed. Begin with something small like a hanging pitcher plant for sale. Focusing on specific plants and learning how to maintain them will convince people that you have a good gardening hand.

You should also use native bulbs from your area to ensure success while you’re still learning. Once you get the hang of maintaining a plant nursery, you can get foreign plants and try to propagate them. Some people prefer woodland plants for sale as well, so you have to think about what your potential future customers will buy. You should always go with the most beautiful and popular plants.

Let’s find out more about starting your own plant nursery.

Gardening is a beautiful way of life.

There’s something uniquely relaxing about being able to nip away to your garden for a few hours. The rest of the world seems to fade away as you push your fingers in the dirt and figure out where you want to place your next row of flowers. Even those who haven’t had a plant nursery before are starting to wonder about the benefits, as gardening is fast becoming one of today’s most popular hobbies. You can grow some of your very own fruits and vegetables to grace the table. You can try your hand at flowers to create a literally homegrown gift.

Your green thumb needs nurturing, just like any plant. Here’s a simple guide on gardening today and how you can get started on your own plant nursery.

There Is Steady Growth Of Gardening As A Hobby

You might have already shown an interest in gardening before. Many Americans of different walks of life and age groups are turning to gardening for one reason or another — a 2017 study found an astonishing 115 million Americans having done some sort of gardening in the past. Over 30% of all households will buy at least one houseplant for decoration, too. While younger generations are building steady interest in the plant nursery, older generations still dominate the market. The American home and garden market is doing its best to keep up.

Our Lawn And Garden Industry Is Faring Handsomely

Local garden centers are one-stop shops for all things nature, backyard, and exterior design related. With its steady growth in popularity the American home and garden market is slated to hit $10 billion once 2018 wraps up. A 2016 survey found the average expense on gardening and general lawn care to be at $145 per customer. When you consider the value that a single plant nursery can do for your health and your home? This cost more than pays for itself.

Gardening Is Proven To Be Good For Your Health

There’s a reason so many people want gardening to be a part of their life. It’s just good for you. Several studies have found a direct link between gardening and improved mental wellness, particularly for those struggling with chronic stress. The low-key nature of digging, planting, and cleaning is perfect for allowing you to focus on a task, all while being relaxing enough to lower your blood pressure. Consider it nature’s very own therapy.

A Plant Nursery Can Give Your Home’s Value A Boost

For those that want to improve their home’s value, a plant nursery can give you even more to look forward to. Landscaping is an ideal way of improving your ROI one installment at a time, with anything plant-related yielding high percentages because of their curb appeal and longevity. American gardeners are reporting a collective $48 billion in lawn and garden retail expenses. Choosing just one of these can net you a return on the investment high enough to pay for itself.

Starting A Garden Is As Easy As One, Two, Three

You’re starting to feel the pull of the plant nursery…now all you have to do is pick what kind. If you’re interested in supplementing your kitchen, a fruit or vegetable garden is the way to go. Cherry tomatoes, onions, potatoes, carrots, and corn are among the most popular kinds of food to grow in the safety of the backyard. Those that want to start out smaller while still improving their home’s appearance can give flowers a try. Your outside garden center has all the fertilizer and tools you’ll need to get off on the right foot.

Enhance your life. See how planting a few flowers can improve your health and your home’s ROI all in one go.


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