Unique Ways to Incorporate Glass In Your Home

Many people think that decorating your home with glass is limited to windows, doors, and kitchenware, but there are so many more options for decor from this strong and sturdy substance. Incorporating glass to your living room or bedroom can lighten up any room and give it new life.

Glass Tables

Adding a small glass top coffee table to your living room can give life and dimension to your space. It complements nicely with any wood or metal so it will complement the rest of your house easily. Try to place the table where it will catch and reflect the best light so that it will illuminate the room and bring beauty to it.

Another glass table option for those who love the modern look is to replace your bedside tables with modern glass end tables. You can put minimalistic decorations on the end tables to complete the look.

Shelves and Storage

Floating glass shelves add a fun and modern twist to decorating. Whether it’s for your office or around your house , the floating glass shelves will keep your things organized and displayed beautifully without any distraction. You can order custom glass shelves to get the dimensions and style to fit your wall space and decorative desires.

Many people also love the option of displaying beautiful china or silver in a frosted glass cabinet. It is the perfect way to store and display collections without cluttering up your home and bringing it a touch of class.

In the Office

For those who work from home, it’s important to be able to get the ideas in your head written down before they float away. Having a clear erase board can help you keep those great ideas in front of you without having the major eyesore of tradition dry erase boards bring. A clear erase board can be made of glass and are completely see-through. You can find a large or small clear erase board to fit your office needs and there are many colors for glass board pens that you can choose from.

Whether your living room could use some modern decorations or your office needs to look more professional and less cluttered, glass decor will be able to elevate your home interior to the next level.

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