Rodent Control An Animal Removal Service

We have all heard the phrase “bats in the belfry”. This phrase is a figure of speech, and not usually used in reference to a problem that can be seen and manually rectified.

The origin of this phrase, however, is very literal. It stems from having bats, the flying mammals, in a place where they were not welcome; namely a bell tower, or belfry. This is a very real, and very tangible problem.

There is a modern-day equivalent of this phrase…and a modern-day equivalent of this problem. When we hear the phrase “squirrels in the attic”, the meaning is all too clear…and all too real.

Unwanted rodents can create havoc in a workplace, residence or retail establishment. Rodent control is a huge business which deals with this problem specifically.

For those who might think that rodents are adorable, cuddly and irresistible fuzzy little charmers, here are some facts about rodent control that may lead to a change in viewpoint.

Unwanted Rodents Damage the Food Supply
First of all, up to 20% of the world’s entire food supply, according to the National Pest Management Association, is either contaminated or consumed by rodents such as rats and mice. This same association also estimates that rodents and bugs would destroy 50% of the food supply without rodent control and the pest control industry. That is a lot of food!

Unwanted Rodents Multiply with Great Speed
Secondly, rodents such as rats and squirrels multiply with incredible speed. Ideally, in just three years, two rats in just the right circumstances could multiply to over 480 million rats. Rodent control is essential in keeping the numbers of rodents down.

Urban Areas are Prone to Unwanted Rodent Infestations
In recent years, U.S. cities have experienced a dramatic rise in unwanted rodent and nuisance rodent calls. For example, calls in San Francisco have risen 174%, while New York City has seen a 129% rise and Chicago has had a 61% increase. The problem is the threat to the public health that unwanted rodents create and that only rodent removal can solve.

Although rats are considered the main culprit in problems, especially in apartments in urban areas, squirrels also do a lot of damage. Humane squirrel removal is a vital part of the rodent removal business. 90% of the rodent problems are in apartments, while the other 10% are in commercial establishments.

So if the problem of rodent removal ever occurs on your property, remember to look for a professional rodent control company. Make sure the service is courteous, efficient, and above all, ask about their guarantee policy. Look for a guarantee of at least two years. You deserve an effective and thorough rodent control business, a business that gives you the results you are looking for– and that you are paying for.

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