How to Have a Sustainable Pool Renovation

Swimming is the fourth most popular sport in the United States, and if you live in a warm area year round, an at-home pool is often a backyard staple. However, swimming pools pose a serious risk to the environment, from the energy needed to maintain temperatures to the chemicals used to keep them clean. You don’t need to give up your favorite backyard activity to protect the environment, though. Here are a few ways that you can have an eco-pool.

Use Sustainably Harvested Stones and Pebbles

You may love the look of a pebbled custom pool, but be warned: many pool resurfacing products aren’t sustainably sourced. Always be sure to find swimming pool builders that source their pebbles and rocks through environmentally-friendly mining that pays workers a fair wage. If you like the look of wooden pool deck resurfacing, make sure that your pool builder works with sustainable hardwood. Not only will your pool deck resurfacing look good, but you can feel good about it, too.

Consider a Salt Water Pool

The production of chlorine can produce harmful greenhouse gases. What’s more, dumping chlorine can have negative affects on natural waterways and harm wildlife. Instead, why not consider having a saltwater swimming pool? These use salt to create natural chlorine, which eventually decomposes and turns back into salt. When it comes to saltwater pools, a little bit goes a long way: saltwater pools have significantly less salt than the ocean, so there’s no risk of irritating your skin or eyes.

“Pool” your Resources

Do you love having a traditional pool, but you want to have a lower carbon footprint? Why not share your swimming pool with friends, family, and neighbors? Sharing your pool means that others don’t necessarily need to build swimming pools for themselves, resulting in lowered energy use overall. Sharing your resources allow you to feel good about recent pool renovations, even they weren’t “environmentally friendly.”

Ultimately, your swimming pool doesn’t need to be perfect for you to make a difference. As your pool building company about eco-friendly pool resurfacing products and ways to reduce energy every month. Small adjustments make a big difference in the long run.

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