Know When Clogged Drains are Serious

In the effort to have any drain cleared, it is wise to get professional plumbing services. While trying to fix clogged drains by yourself, consider getting at home drain declogger. At home drain snake serves the purpose of having any drain unclogged.

A reputable plumbing company will ensure that you break up the clogs for well-functioning drains. If you are uncomfortable with clearing the drains by yourself, ensure you find a reliable plumbing contractor. This is achievable by asking for recommendations from friends and relatives who have worked with local plumbers.

The services entail the right tools and skills to fix the clogs successfully. Visit websites of various plumbing companies to determine the chances of getting appropriate plumbing services. Find out the period the company has offered the services. The longer the company has provided the services, the better the chances of getting competent services.

Clogged drains show early signs that will help you detect that your plumbing system needs some repairs. When you notice that water is slowly draining and there are significant accumulations of puddles around your drain, seek the assistance of a plumber.

Anytime you experience water bubbling in the toilet while using the faucet, confirm the status of your drain as it may be a sign of a clogged drain.

Septic tank cleaning

Clogged drains are just a part of modern life. No one likes clogged drains, but dealing with them promptly is key to keeping a clogged drain from becoming a huge problem. How do you know how serious a clogged drain issue really is and when you should call a plumber? Read on for a few tips:

    • Understand the basics of your sewer system. If you have a home with city sewer service, you’ve got one drain pipe that runs from your house to the street. Most of these are about four inches, but some can be as small as three, and everything in your house leads to that drain. If that drain clogs, it backs up all the drains in the home. If you’re hooked up to your own septic system, you’ve got a similar situation, only everything is going to the septic tank rather than the city system.


    • Look for early warning signs that could indicate a problem. One of the biggest signs that something is wrong and you need to call plumbing services to take a look is multiple clogged drains. One drain is likely a problem with that particular drain, but when more than one backs up at the same time this means the main line is likely clogged. Often the toilets are the first to react because they have the most direct path to the main drain.

    • Use your ears as well as your eyes. You can see clogs, of course, but you should also be on the lookout for strange noises or behaviors at any of your fixtures or drains. This usually starts at the lowest levels of the house. Things to watch out for include persistent gurgling in the toilets, especially if this happens when you’re using a different fixture, like the tub or washer. Also, listen for water backing up in the toilet or tub when the washing machine drains. This is usually a sure sign that there’s something wrong with the main line.


  • Get a plumber in there to look at it quickly. If you suspect that the sewer drain or the septic tank’s main line is clogged, stop running water. It only makes the problem worse. Call a plumbing company for help immediately. If you’re connected to the main city sewer line, check with your neighbors. If they’re experiencing problems, too, it’s likely the main line that has backed up, not just yours, and you should call the city immediately. Just remember that they are only responsible for the main line. If there’s also an issue with your line, you’ll need your own plumbers to deal with it.

Clogged drains are no fun, but getting to the root of the problem quickly is the best way to protect your home and your family from a serious fail in your septic system or a backup of the main sewer line. Don’t hesitate to get the situation looked into as soon as you can.


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