Different Types of Commercial Locks Protect People and Property

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Safety matters, for all commercial and residential buildings. Locks and secure doors installed by professional locksmiths are the best safeguard against break-ins and unauthorized entry that could put people and property at risk. There are several types of commercial locks, using keys, passcodes and biometric identification, that offer different levels of security for commercial premises.

The risk of break-ins
Burglaries and break-ins are unfortunately all too common across the country. In 2013 alone there were 1.9 million burglaries in the U.S. which resulted in the loss of property worth $4.5 billion, according to the FBI. Of these, 59% were the result of break-ins. That?s because doors and locks are one of the weakest points in any building.
Apart from the property loss, any persons in the building at the time of the break-in is at risk as well. Both residential and commercial door locks are designed for heavy duty use and to withstand tampering and damage. Lock and door installation should always be carried out by professional locksmiths to avoid and problems in their operation.

Choosing a commercial door lock
Commercial door locks and replacement doors have to meet industry safety standards. There are three grades of commercial locks, based on their ability to withstand open and close cycles and the use of force. The highest grade are the ANSI 1 locks, which are made to withstand one million open and close cycles and to stand up to force up to 10 blows of 75 pounds.
UL listed locks are designed to withstand forcing, drilling, sawing, prying, picking, and bumping. When properly installed by a professional locksmith, they provide a high level of security for a building and its occupants.

Locks with different types of keys
Business owners and property managers looking to keep their buildings safe can choose from many different types of locks. There are the traditional mortise and deadbolts, as well as locks that use new technology with different types of keys. Electronic and biometric locks provide new levels of security.
When installing a door with an electronic lock, there is no need for keys. Typically, they use keypads for entry. For added security and safety, the PIN can be changed frequently to prevent security breaches. Biometric locks, which read fingerprints to allow access to authorized users, provide even more security than locks using keys and passcodes.

For commercial buildings, different types of locks provide security and limit access to authorized users for greater safety. When installed by professional locksmiths, they can help to protect people and property.

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