Bamboo Flooring BrandsMaking the Choice

Advantages of natural bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring has risen in popularity over recent years. Many people are now choosing bamboo flooring brands over hardwood floors in their homes. Bamboo floors are actually a product that comes from the bamboo plant. Because the bamboo plant is so abundant in China, as well as other parts of Asia, this is where the bulk of this flooring is derived from. Moso bamboo is the species of bamboo plant most used in floor products, particularly in strand bamboo flooring.

The Moso bamboo plant grows new shoots yearly, similar to the way a lawn will grow. After five or six year’s growth, the shoots can be used in a commercial capacity because of their density, their color, and their consistency, as well as their strength. Even so, only 16-20% of the bamboo forest is actually harvested per year.

As mentioned, bamboo has risen up the popularity ladder even over hardwood as a preferred flooring choice for homeowners, although the prices of bamboo and hardwood about equal each other. Because of this step up it is much easier to find these days when shopping for new floors for a home or office space. A wide variety of bamboo flooring brands are now available for purchase in most locations where flooring and home improvement products are sold.

Solid strand bamboo flooring is manufactured by fusing together several strands, or stalks, of bamboo using adhesives and pressurization. Solid bamboo, although made from several strands of the plant, actually takes on the look of a solid floor. When finished, it appears totally natural. In addition, this type of bamboo floor can be refinished. However, a fact that commands a little more thought about this type of floor is that it is best to have it professionally installed. The reason for this is that bamboo is a product that does not react well to humidity or water. It is not advisable to have it installed in any areas susceptible to moisture, for instance, a basement or bathroom. Bamboo has a tendency to swell and buckle when it gets wet.

Strand bamboo flooring is a member of the solid bamboo flooring family. The strands, as opposed to being glued together, are woven together to give them a much different appearance than the solid bamboo takes on. The strand bamboo floor also differs from the solid in that it is said to be the strongest and most durable of bamboo flooring brands. The strands that will make up the floor are created by the Moso stalks being stripped. This process encompasses the entire stalk. Not one bit of it is wasted; therefore, this step of the procedure is considered to be the most environmentally friendly.

Engineered strand bamboo flooring is considered to be an excellent choice for people who want one of bamboo flooring brands in their home, but want to be sure of its durability. Engineered bamboo is manufactured so that only the top layer is actually made of solid bamboo. The layers underneath are comprised of a mix of different types of wood products that are held together with glue. This type of construction creates an extremely strong and durable floor.

The main advantages of engineered strand bamboo flooring are that, aside from its incredible stability, it is also not easily dented or scratched. Its installation is easy, and it is easily maintained as well. The one drawback to engineered strand bamboo as flooring is that the top layer, which is the only bamboo incorporated into this product, will, over time, wear down. Because the engineered product cannot be refinished, the entire top layer of bamboo strands would need to be replaced. For this reason, it is suggested that, when first installing the floor, the thickest possible layer of bamboo be used.

For those who would love the opportunity to have one of the bamboo flooring brands installed in their home, but find it to be a little over their budget, there are alternatives. Laminate flooring, which is one of the most durable types of flooring there is, can be installed featuring a printed bamboo image. Another option would be vinyl flooring. Each of these choices are easy to install and easily maintained.

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