Commercial Replacement Doors for Your Safety and Security

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Everyone wants to feel safe and secure. You want to know that your home is your sanctuary, but also that your workplace and everything that you need to do your job properly is secure while you are away as well. Unfortunately in the society in which we live, not everyone has the same level of respect for other people’s property or wellbeing.

There are countless factors that contribute to the reasons why some people feel the need to break in to a building that they have no business going into, or taking things that are not theirs. But the fact of the matter is that these things do happen, which is why there is such a large market for locksmiths and contractors who might specialize in installing a door or deadbolt.

Commercial door locks and replacement doors

Over the course of one year, of all burglaries, about 74% of them were carried out on residential properties. Homes are generally easier to break into than many businesses, but there are still cases of these crimes being committed in shops, restaurants, offices, and other commercial structures as well. The good thing is, many businesses will often have the resources to invest in different types of keys for a more secure locking system, or spend money on a commercial replacement door where the original door may have failed them in the past.

These systems are designed to be more heavy duty than the typical construction of a residential property, and can provide a greater sense of security that your company will remain safe and protected once you’ve called it a day and headed home.

Finding the right commercial replacement door

A quality contractor will be able to help you find the perfect commercial replacement door if you are in the market for something to add a bit of extra security for your peace of mind and that of your employees and colleagues. And as it is quite simply better to be safe than sorry, you would be wise to consider improving your security system before a break-in is attempted rather than realize the faults of your current system by having an intruder take advantage of the existing weaknesses.

Beefing up the security level of your business could mean finding a commercial replacement door for the building itself or the access points to more valuable assets or sensitive information or data, installing alarms and motion detectors, upgrading the locks, or perhaps going with a hybrid locking system of deadbolts and electronic keypads or card readers. There is always more that you can do to make your work environment a safer place.

Security is necessary for businesses and homes alike. In one year, reported FBI statistics showed that there were nearly 2 million burglaries across the nation, which ended up costing a hefty $4.5 billion in property loss. That is far too much. Of the burglaries that year, 59% of the intruders gained access through forced entry, which could be prevented or at least deterred at a higher rate with the right safety systems. It might be worth simply calling a locksmith or contractor to come out and assess the locks and security that you do have in place, to determine if everything is functioning and effective.

In at least 10% of homes across the country, main doors can have deadbolts that have been installed incorrectly, inviting burglars to more easily access your abode. Taking the time and spending a little money to be sure that your home or office is properly secured will certainly pay off.

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