3 Ways that Wood Pellets Can Be Used to Protect the Environment Even Further


Wood pellets are a type of pellet fuel made from sawdust that has been compacted. Pellet fuels are typically made from whatever organic material that has been compressed. They usually come from food waste or agricultural leftovers, energy residues and lumber. Wood pellets come from the industrial wastes of lumber. They can be used for heating but there are a few other things that they can be used for as well. The wood pellet making machine and how they are manufactured makes them quite suitable for other tasks.

Cat Littler
These pellets have been made into a new type of kitty litter. The pellets are originally sawdust so once they have absorbed as much liquid as they can, these biomass pellets turn back into sawdust. This makes for very easy cleaning because they can then be easily sifted, saving the unused pellets. This cuts down on a lot of waste and is a very economical and environmentally friendly option. If you’ve ever owned a cat, you’ll know the frustrations of clay based litter. No matter what the box says about covering scents, you always know when the cat has used the littler box from wherever you are in the house. They also end up getting tracked all over the house because it stick to the cat’s paws and is too lightweight. When the cat jumps out of the box, he or she will usually end up kicking the litter out to. Wood pellets are kiln dried so the natural fibers work to soak up odors so that there really is hardly any smell left behind.

Horse Stall Filler
If you take the pellets right after they come out of the wood pellet making machine, they make the perfect bedding for horses. Horses don’t need fluffy and soft materials for their bedding. Although it’s called bedding, horses don’t usually lay on it. It’s used more for soaking up moisture and urine in order to keep the stall cleaner. These biomass wood pellets make it so much easier to clean up messes and is the least wasteful. In fact, just one bag of pellets is about the same as two bales of shavings. Wood and straw have always been used in the past but in recent years, horse farmers are seeing the benefits of wood pellets and have been implementing them. Another great thing about pellets compared to shaving is that they are over twice as absorbent and almost four times more capable when it comes to containing odors. They also take up a lot less room. However, only softwood pellets made in wood pellet making machines should be used for horses.

Plant Food
Wood pellet ash comes from the ‘spray’ that the wood pellet making machine leaves when manufacturing the sawdust into these pellets. This ash is great for soil. It provides natural nutrients and reduces soil acidity. However, you need to make sure that you know what you soil’s pH balance is before you go adding these ashes. You may have some plants that need the acidity in the soil. By sprinkling ashes around the plants, you will be giving them the chance to act as a roadblock to snails, slugs and other pests that attempt to get near the plants. Keep in mind that after you experience heavy rainfall, that barrier will have to be reinstated in order to continue being effective. Make sure that you are wearing gloves and a mask when sprinkling ashes; while it may be good for the soil, it’s not very good for you to be breathing it in or getting it in your eyes.

When wood pellets first started being used, they were only meant to provide a more economical and environmentally friendly way to heat things like grills, homes and other stationary appliances. However, over time, they realized that these little pellets could do so much more. Typically, home owners use 3 tons of pellets during the cold seasons for heating but because these are a renewable energy, this is not a problem. You could even use more if necessary. Then of course, using them for other areas during the warm seasons keeps them in production.

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