How to Keep up on Your Terrazzo Floors Luster and Cleanliness

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Terrazzo floors can be very beautiful and unique. They are a mixture of marble chips and concrete or sometimes a resin that are put together in order to make a smooth and luscious floor. Terrazzo tile is all often used for counter tops as well.The great thing about terrazzo is that is has all of the allure of marble without the steep price. Along with marble, mother of pearl and abalone shells can be used to make a little different appearance. Terrazzo floor usually needs a sealant because the cement that is used is very porous and will soak up stains. The sealant will stop liquids from getting through as well as debris and dust. It’ll help the floor last longer and look better.

Now for the big question, what is the best way to clean terrazzo floors? Terrazzo tile cleaning is important in order to keep the floor looking it’s best. Here are some easy tips for terrazzo tile cleaning.

  1. The first thing to do is to sweep the floor in order to remove any solids including dirt, crumbs and anything else. If the floor is particularly dusty, using a dry mop can help get rid of it. Make sure you don’t use a broom that has bristles that fall off. That will just make your work null and void. A broom that has a cloth bottom and no bristles at all is your best bet when working on terrazzo tile cleaning. Then you don’t have to worry about having to sweep up your broom as well as everything else.
  2. After you have finished sweeping, you’ll need to mop the floor. You can use just plain water if you wish or find a neutral cleaner. This means something that is not acidic or alkaline in it’s properties. Mop the floor with it and let the cleaner sit for about 10 to 20 minutes to really work on anything stuck to the floor. This will also dissolve the dirt. The surface needs to stay wet during this period of time otherwise, the loose dirt will just settle back on the floor as it dries.

  3. After the cleaner has done its job and the dirt is dissolved, you’ll need to rinse the floor with extremely clean water. A wet vacuum or squeegee could be used to remove the dirty water. You might need to rinse several times in order to make sure that all the cleaner and dirt and dust are completely gone. It sounds a lot easier than it is. After you’ve done this, you can allow the floor to air dry.

  4. The last thing that you need to do after you clean and dry is to buff the floor. This will help to restore the original shine and luster than it had. You may not have to do this every single time you clean the floor but if you are doing a deep clean then you will. You shouldn’t use a cleaner or rinse every day either. Maybe once a month or every two weeks at most is plenty.

Now, if you want to do any kind of terrazzo restoration and polishing, that should always be done by a qualified professional. A professional can actually restore shine to the floor’s surface as well. Here are some other random tips for keeping up on terrazzo tile cleaning.

  • Don’t use oil based cleaners or stain removers on these kinds of floors. They can end up discoloring the tile forever.

  • If you must use a commercial cleaner, do a test patch in a hidden place first to make sure it isn’t going to cause any discoloring. You should do this even if the cleaner states that it is specifically for terrazzo floors.

  • Area rugs might be a good idea for places that receive a lot of foot traffic. This will help to cut down on the risk of staining. Spills need to be wiped up immediately to avoid staining as well, even if the floor has a sealer. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

  • A period cleaning schedule will help you to stop the quick buildup of debris as well as dust and dirt to. If you clean often enough, it won’t be a big job. Find out more about this topic here.

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