Is Your House Over 40 Years Old? You Might Need A Pipe Inspection!


Has your water heater been losing efficiency as of late? Are you running a blank on the last time you got your pipe lining inspected? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions (or even come up with a few of your own!), then you might be in need of a sewer camera inspection. Cracked or faulty pipes can seem like no big deal in the day-to-day, but will lead to a wide host of issues down the road that end up costing you big bucks. Read below to learn more about sewer repair and why you should call for a pipe inspection soon!

Common Sewer Mistakes

If your sewer is 40 years old or more — replace it! While some houses are highly modern and use upgraded materials that better withstand time and grime, many are still older models with rapidly aging foundations. Industry experts highly recommend that you call for sewer inspection services before moving into a new home, which can cost anywhere from $250 to $350. While a quarter of respondents to a recent survey have made efforts to fix their sewer, that number is still far too small for the variety of ways your drain could cause you trouble!

What Causes Drain Problems?

While the aforementioned old age and degenerated materials are common sources of issues like leaks and cracks, there are other factors that can lead to your drain needing to be overhauled. Tree roots, for example, are strong enough to cause a large number of people’s everyday sewer problems. A tree root system can grow up to 36 inches below the soil surface and interfere with many different types of sewer systems. If you’re worried about the damage that can be caused by removing a tree, then read on…

No-Dig Technology

While it can seem dreadful calling for a service that is notorious for up-heaving your lawn or patio, there exists a relatively recent alternative that many still don’t know about! No-dig technology specifically uses non-invasive methods that are just as effective as traditional construction. Small cameras, as well as highly-pressurized water cannons, are used to clear debris, check for cracks and handle specific repairs so you don’t have to call for another service to replace your garden or deck. While no-dig technology is a little more expensive to start with, it saves you a lot of money (and effort!) down the road. Who will you call today for a drain inspection?

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