When Was the Last Time You Repainted Your Home?

It all started last week. You were just driving through the neighborhood and you noticed the ladders. The next time you came by you noticed the local painters had taped over all of the windows. Two days later the house two blocks down the street from yours was freshly painted. It looked great, and it […]

Is Your HVAC System Unreliable? It Might Be Time to Replace the Entire System

Many people do not realize just how important an HVAC system is. They just take it for granted on a regular basis. This makes sense because most people do not have to do a lot with an air conditioning system in order to make it work. Generally, they just have to adjust the thermostat whenever […]

Don’t Dig That Trench Just Yet!

If your sewer pipes are over 40 years old, they likely need to be replaced. The reason is that pipes laid over 40 years ago are not as study as what is used today. Worried about the expense of having a trench dug and the labor involved? No need to fear. There are ways around […]

3 Tips to Help Your Roof Inspections

The roof is in many ways, the most important part of a house. Without it, everything in your house is vulnerable to the weather outside. This is why it is so important to be on the lookout for roof damage, so that you can fix small things as they come up, rather than waiting to […]

Are You Looking for a Licensed Plumber?

It is hard to believe that someone could have “being a curmudgeon” as a goal in life, but your neighbor used to tease that he really had intended to be a grumpy old man. That grumpy old guy attitude and other plumbing myths about your neighbor kept you from asking him for help for quite […]