How To Tell If Your Sewer Line Is Clogged

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Sewer line clogs and sewer line leaks are nothing new to this world. There are all sorts of issues that can create a leaky sewer line repair situation. Clay plumbing pipes, the most prevalent kind before the 1980s, are susceptible to damage from tree roots. Fat and oil build up in commercial and residential pipes to produce around 47% of sewer line clogs in America each year. Sewer lines over the age of 40 are due for a repair job, but all too often this work does not get requested until it is too late.
So how can you tell if it is time to call the plumbing company? Here’s some ways of determining whether you have a clogged sewer line.

  • If multiple drains are backed up, the problem probably goes beyond what a drain cleaning service can help you with. Check toilets, showers and baths to see if they make a gurgling sound as they back up with water. If this is the case, you probably have some sewer line leaks and clogs.
  • Check your sewer cleanout (a white or black pipe with a cap that should be around the outside of your house) and check if sewer water is standing in the pipe or overflowing out of it. Either way, there is a problem.
  • Once you have confirmed that there are indeed sewer line clogs, shut off the main water supply to your house (usually in a basement, garage, or near the water heater) and call a plumbing repair service to help you with the rest. The plumbing repair company will assess the problem and determine what action is appropriate to take.

You can avoid running into this unfortunate situation by calling a plumbing service to do a check on your pipes before a problem arises. They can tell you if there is a serious clog situation or if the problem is merely with backflow prevention or another less serious aspect of the process.
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