How to Avoid Costly Air Conditioning Repair

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It’s difficult not to take advantage of air conditioning due to it’s prevalence in most buildings and its ease use. As temperatures continue to rise and homes grow larger, the energy required to use all heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems will increase as well.

Since the installation of one of the first air conditioning units in the New York Stock Exchange building in New York City in 1903, air conditioners have continued to become a more widely utilized service in both commercial and residential properties. As time has gone on, the technology used in heating and cooling systems has greatly improved and become more complex. While this has improved their effectiveness in cooling areas, air conditioning repairs have become a more extensive process.

To improve the functionality of an air conditioner and avoid unnecessary home air conditioning repairs, there are a few preventative steps one can take. The unit itself is not the only factor affecting the temperature in a structure. Windows, vents, and doorways also play a major role in the circulation of air, making keeping track of them an important factor.

Making use of other appliances can also lift some of the strain that would other wise be put on heating and cooling units. The use of ceiling fans, whole house fans, or box fans — or a combination of all three — can help to circulate and cool the air.

Ensuring that that the ducts that home air conditioning systems pump air through are working properly is another effective step. The registers that connect the ducts to the actual room are able to open or close in order to restrict the air flow if necessary. Making a point to never close more than 20% of a home’s register while the air conditioner is in use, can avoid putting unnecessary strain on the unit.

Air conditioners are a standard feature in almost all modern structures. Unfortunately, air conditioning repairs can prove to be costly. Following these steps could save you money and hassle.

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