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Floor options

Remember when you were a kid, pretending the floor was covered with hot lava? You?d jump from sofa to chair to coffee table (hoping your mom wouldn?t catch you) to get across the room? Well, you?re all grown up now and there are so many flooring options, you can have whatever you want (here?s hoping you don?t really want a lava floor). The choices of floor covering ideas are really fantastic!

The American flooring industry grew, from 2009 to 2014, by an estimated 1.1% annually, and more business means more choice for the customer. Carpeting, hardwood flooring, and tile floor, as well as laminate floors are all terrific floor covering ideas that can reflect your taste as well as save you money in the long run, with proper use and installation.


When it comes to floor covering ideas, carpets could be the most popular, covering almost 70% of the floors in the United States. Carpets made from wool, or a wool-blend, are considered an excellent choice, because they are durable and easily dyed. And most stains (99%) can be removed if they are cleaned within the first few days of staining. That?s why most manufacturers of carpet say they should last for 10 years with proper care ? after that, signs of wear will begin to show on major walkways, and the fibers will start losing their texture and tuft. There are carpeting types that are known for their longer life spans, woven on a loom, they generally last 20 to 30 years.


Another one of the most popular choices of floor covering ideas is hardwood flooring. Not only can you choose from different types of hardwood flooring, but different hardwood designs. Very popular are pine and fir, which are among the softest woods (they have hardness ratings of 600-900), and on the higher end there are woods like Red Walnut and Brazilian Teak (hardness ratings as high as 2500-3500). More than 1,700 homeowners were surveyed regarding their plans for decorating, in the Internet design community’s summer survey, and 34% said they have, or plan to install, hardwood flooring in their homes. People love hardwood floors.


A benefit that?s shared by hardwood and tile flooring is that hard surface flooring does not warp nor does it harbor molds or dust mites. This creates better air quality for everyone, but especially for the 40 million estimated U.S. citizens who are allergy sufferers. Like wood and carpet, there are many choices of laminate and tile floor covering ideas, that are both stylish and smart. A linoleum floor often has a warranty that lasts up to 25 years, and the floor itself, if cared for, can last over 40. And cork floors, depending on the quality, can last between 10 to 30 years.

With so many exciting flooring ideas available, it?s time to start paying as much attention to your floors as you did when you were a kid, especially now that they?re safe to walk on.

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