7 Tips to Keep Mold Away

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Mold can be very bad for people?s house. It has been proven to cause respiratory illnesses in healthy people and exacerbate asthma in people who have that. Damp conditions exist in nearly 30% of buildings in the United States, which provides the perfect environment for mold to grow and thrive. There are at least 1,000 different kinds of molds and mildews in homes nationwide. Preventing mold from getting a foothold in your home is crucial to protect your family?s health and well being. Many instances of mold infestation are caused by floods, water damage specialists say homeowners should take the following steps to prevent mold:

  1. Follow your nose. If you walk into your home and notice a musty smell anywhere, you probably have mold. Look for leaks or standing water and clean that up if you find it. Mold can be killed with a solution of 50/50 bleach and water. Make sure you get all of it.
  2. If it is wet, dry it! When your laundry is done, take it out as soon as you can. Mold can grow in as short a time as two days. When you clean any surface (your floors, sinks, counters), make sure they are completely dry afterwards. Mold loves moisture and works quickly. If
  3. Use a fan during and after showers to lower the humidity in your bathrooms. Exhaust fans in the bathroom can remove the moisture from your hot showers and baths from sticking around to get into all the corners and porous surfaces in the bathroom. The moisture will settle on the grout and allow mold to grow.
  4. Fix any leaks you have. Any moisture or water from leaks can make an area attractive to mold growth. Any leak should be fixed as soon as you discover it. Small leaks usually do not stay small. They just grow as the water corrodes the area further so there are a number of reasons to deal with leaks sooner than later. The damage from this water leakage can be extensive.
  5. Keep your clothes and gear dry. Store these items in plastic bags or other containers that keep all moisture out so that mold does not have a chance to grow.
  6. If you have a flood, call in water damage specialists to help deal with it. Floods can cause a lot of water damage. A carpet restoration service can help ensure the carpet does not attract dangerous mold. Water heaters that are over five years old are much more likely to burst and cause a flood. Fire and flood damage can be very costly to deal with. Contact a mold cleaning service if you are concerned.
  7. Do not neglect your basement. If you have a basement, inspect it regularly for any leaks or other moisture. Almost all homeowners will experience a basement flood during the time they have the house. Mold development after such an event is very common due to the flood water damage that occurs.

Mold is scary and really bad for people?s health. Water damage specialists agree that preventing it is possible and not hard to do if you pay attention and are diligent.

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