Terrazzo Floors What You Need to Know

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When looking for construction materials for your floor, you ideally want something that is durable, robust, and requires minimal maintenance and cleaning. After all, cleaning the floor is a tedious and incredibly boring task. There are many materials you can choose for flooring — wood, carpet, marble, etc. — but there is one material in particular that satisfies those wishes and then some. It is called terrazzo.

Terrazzo is a truly special kind of material. A composite of marble, granite, quartz, glass, and other materials mixed together, grounded, pored over, and polished, terrazzo is known for its durability. Because the material is so impenetrable against dirt, soil, and other small particles, it takes very little effort to clean up spills and general dirtiness. Terrazzo doesn’t stain, nor does it break, nick, or wear very easily. It is a popular material for flooring exactly because of its resistance; it is, however, used for other indoor features such as floors, walls, counter tops, stairs, fountains, and columns as well as outdoor features such as pools and patios. It is happens to be quite beautiful.

Terrazzo is so popular, in fact, that it even gained the attention of humans thousands of years ago. Archaeologists have discovered traces of terrazzo floors in sites uncovered in modern-day Turkey dating back as far as 10,000 years ago. That’s before the Bronze Age! Terrazzo has since then been used repeatedly, especially in Europe, and it managed to cross over the Atlantic into the Americans in the early 1700s.

Still, even the best floors are in need of cleaning and maintenance from time to time, which is why hiring professional terrazzo polishing and cleaning services is so important for when the need arises. As any flooring expert knows, tile and grout cleaning can be long and laborious, and so can terrazzo floor cleaning. Terrazzo tile cleaning can also stretch time and require much effort — depending, of course, on the size of the area in need of cleaning (and that’s not even mentioning terrazzo restoration work). For your terrazzo polishing and cleaning needs, choose professional floor cleaners.

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