Winterize Your AC Unit in Three Easy Steps

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Thanksgiving is on the horizon, which means that winter will soon be here in all of its icy glory. If homeowners want to protect their air conditioning units from the harsh winter elements, then they need to take the necessary steps to prepare for the long, hard, cold months ahead. Here are the things air conditioning companies advise homeowners do.

Turning Air Conditioners Off.

One of the first things they need to do is also one of the simplest and easiest — turn the unit off. Homeowners can find their units’ circuits covered by plastic or metal lids. They should then open them, and flip their switches off. That way, the units won’t try to turn on during those weirdly hot days that happen every winter.

Cleaning Air Conditioners Off.

The next thing homeowners need to worry about is cleaning air conditioners. They should wash the units off with a hose to remove all of the dirt, dust, and debris that might have gotten onto the units during the summer, and also remove all of the leaves, branches, and grass clumps that have gotten into the unit, too. Once done cleaning air conditioners, homeowners should wait until they’re completely dry before taking the next step.

Covering Air Conditions Up.

Once they’ve been turned off and cleaned, air conditioning units should be covered with plastic or vinyl, waterproof covers. Oftentimes manufacturers offer covers designed specifically for their air conditioning units, but if none can be found, then homeowners can simply use any plastic or vinyl covering that fits.

If homeowners don’t do the necessary residential HVAC cleaning that they have to do, they may find themselves fixing air conditioners instead of enjoying them come the spring time. Luckily for them, winterizing their units is as easy as turning air conditioners off, cleaning air conditioners off, and covering air conditions up.

If you have a question about performing any of these tasks, like cleaning air conditioners for example, feel free to ask the comments.

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