Three of the Strangest Toilets in the World

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Any homeowner who has redone the bathroom knows that choosing the right fixtures is important. Most people want a bathroom that is functional while also showcasing a bit of their personal style. Going through magazines and looking at design ideas can be overwhelming because there are so many choices. It’s hard to know whether it’s worth it to invest in up-and-coming technologies such as modern toilets, or if it’s best to stick with traditional styles like bathroom sink vanity units.

It can be stressful to be faced with all of these bathroom choices, so here is a list of a few outrageous toilets that people have used. Society doesn’t always adapt quickly to changing technology — Queen Elizabeth I refused to use a flush toilet (which was the newest development at the time) because she thought it was too loud compared to the alternatives — so don’t be too quick to dismiss these extravagant bathroom units. If you’re a homeowner who is considering remodeling the bathroom, take a break from all the stress, forget about choosing bathroom sink vanity units, and sit back to read this list. In honor of World Toilet Day that just passed on November 19, we’ve compiled a list of toilets that will hopefully give you a laugh.

A toilet in London doubles as a piece of art

This public toilet in London was actually designed by an artist and is titled, “Don’t Miss a Sec.” The toilet is encased in glass on a busy street in the business district. What’s so strange about that? The glass is one-way, so someone inside the unit can see out, but people passing by on the street only see their own reflections. As you might have guessed, it has generated curiosity but has been less successful in getting people to actually use it. People hold onto a fear that they will be exposed during a private moment, so they are hesitant to use the facilities.

A different meaning of porta-potty

When you first hear the term porta potty, you likely imagine those grimey bathrooms that are present at concerts and events where public restrooms are otherwise sparse. Here we refer to porta-potty in a different way — according to CBS News, there was a man who developed a toilet that fit into a 4-wheeler, so he could literally bring this portable toilet with him wherever he went.

A fishy toilet sure to pique your interest

This toilet has the tank located below it, and has opted to place a fish tank in the usual spot. The fish are alive and well, and are probably happy to have visitors so often.

Have you encountered any strange toilets in your lifetime? Do you have any other tips on remodeling your bathroom? What about advice on practical things like whether to install bathroom sink vanity units or how to choose the best walk in tubs and showers? If you have any comments at all, we’d love to hear them so let us know below!

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