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Has your company ever considered using a construction equipment rental service? If you own your machinery, you may not have thought you would need this service. However, many situations can lead to the need to rent, from equipment breakdowns on the job to avoiding unnecessary expenditures on rarely used tools. Fortunately, the tool rental industry is growing quickly in the United States, and machinery is sometimes even easier to rent than it is to purchase outright.

Here are a few things every contractor should know about working with equipment rental companies:

How do I rent construction equipment?
Construction equipment rental is done through a supplier or service that provides tools and machinery for rent. Many of these companies may also sell or repair equipment, as well. One thing that many contractors like about equipment rentals is that they can often be written off as a business expense on their taxes, and it removes the need and liability of maintaining equipment.

What types of equipment and tools can be rented?
Just about any tools and machines can be rented these days. In fact, as many as 51% of all construction equipment manufacturers are sending their machines to rental lots rather than sales floors, according to current research estimates.

How long can equipment be rented for?
Equipment rentals can vary depending on the company loaning them out. Some equipment may be charged by the hour or day, whereas others are available only by the day or week. However, there are generally few or no limits on how long or how frequently equipment can be rented.

Do I need scissor lift training or other certification in order to rent this equipment?
Yes. You and/or your workers should be certified to use any equipment that you rent. That means that your workers should have taken scissor lift training or certification courses if you rent scissor lifts from a power equipment rental company. Those who work around forklifts, backhoes, cranes, or other items should also have the proper training and certification needed to operate these machines.

If you have questions on equipment maintenance or other aspects of your rental, feel free to ask your supplier about what you should know. You can also leave a comment below with general inquiries about the rental process. Read more about this topic at this link.

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