Building a Deck for Your Home Should Be a No-Brainer

Updated 1/18/21


Building a deck on your home is a great way to add usable space, increase your home’s value, and have a┬áplace to relax in nice weather. Back decks and patios are very appealing for anybody buying a home, so if you decide to sell in the future, this will let you sell your house faster and for a better price. Back decks on houses can be made by the homeowners, but they can also be built by professionals if the homeowner doesn’t have the skills. It is probably best to go with professionals, since they can provide the backyard deck materials and the best fake wood decking if that is what you want.

Back decks and patios are worth the investment. While the maintenance on these and vinyl windows can range from simple to difficult, the rewards are great. There is a reason that back decks on houses are so popular. They are a great gathering space for family and friends, providing a spot at home for fun and relaxation. So if you’re interested in building one, talk to professionals in your area.

From gazebos, to elaborate fence designs, to residential decks, homeowners go to great lengths to increase their home’s “wow” factor. This is often also because adding a deck, patio, and decorative fences, and maintaining the yard can significantly increase the resale value of a house. In fact, one landscaping professional from Landscaping USA explains that a well-manicured lawn increases a home’s value by roughly 14%, and can also decrease a home’s time on the market by more than month.When people walk by your home, you probably want them to look at it and think, “Wow, this person really cares about their house.” This means that your lawn is manicured, the colors of your home are eye-catching, and every detail adds to your home’s curb appeal.

But out of all the additions you can make to your home, a deck could be the most profitable investment.

Here are a few reasons why many homeowners invest in residential decks.

  • Great ROI. Remodeling Magazine reports that you will get about a 60% to 70% return when you build a deck. Many home buyers look for houses that have a deck or patio, and are often looking for bonus spaces. A deck is desirable because it is perfect for entertaining, barbecuing, and enjoying the weather, all things that home buyers consider a plus when shopping for a new house.
  • Visual Appeal. Much like a wooden gazebos, a wooden deck can contrast the bright green color of your grass and the splash of colors in your garden extremely effectively. Depending on the stain you choose, you could have the perfect combination of natural hues, from a darker deck that is more modern, to one that is lighter, giving your deck a woodsy quality. This way, you can enjoy both nature and function, and feel as relaxed as you would if you went out into the woods.
  • No More Small Yard. If you have a small yard, building a deck could be the best way to hide this fact. A deck commands an onlooker’s attention, hooking their eyes to the grains on the wood, the stain, and all the furniture fitted to the space. The height it adds to your yard could make your yard appear larger than it truly is as well, and it also makes the most of the space you have. It can be hard for home buyers to envision what they can do with a small backyard, but when you already have a deck for them to see, they can appreciate the space without necessarily realizing it is smaller than what they are looking for.

Residential decks can help make your house stand out
among others in the neighborhood. Even if it costs you several thousands of dollars to build one, your investment will ultimately be worth it.

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