Don’t Leave Your Vehicles Open to the Elements

Carport designs

Vehicle storage can be difficult if you only have a two car garage, and more than two vehicles on your driveway. It is important to get adequate storage because snow, hail, UV damage and wind can be extremely harmful to vehicles that are left out in the open, and hail-damaged cars are not covered under a typical insurance plan. Also, if you have an RV, like 7% of Americans, or you own a boat, you will need to find a way to keep them protected from the elements as well.

For this reason, many people invest in custom metal buildings such as metal carports for storage purposes. These custom metal buildings come in several different sizes to accommodate cars, RV’s, boats, and other vehicles. Steel, which was first found 4,000 years ago during an archeological dig in Anatolia, is one of the most common materials used to build these carports. Steel is extremely durable and can reduce or eliminate the risk of hail, wind, and weather damage to any vehicle.

There are many different carport designs that you can choose from, including ones that are open on the sides, but have a roof, much like a canopy. This might be useful if you live in a place that does not experience adverse weather very often. Otherwise, you can have one built specifically for a car, or an RV, and also just for your boat. This is becoming more popular because boats and marine service sales have increased 6% in recent years, with a revenue of $32.3 billion in 2011 alone. The steel walls can keep dust, rain, and other damaging particles away from your vehicles, and help maintain their quality.

With your vehicles safely stored, you do not have to worry about how the weather will affect them. This could save you hundreds of dollars in damage, and keep your vehicles running efficiently for a longer period of time.

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